Red Faction Online

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Concept, May 22, 2002.

  1. Concept

    Concept (Banned)

    Does anybody here at GTPlanet have this game for PC? I think it is a cool game. I get bored of the regular game so I always go and play online. Do you? If so PM or something and we can arrange a Capture the Flag or Deathmatch match together. So, do you like playing this game? Do you go online with it? :)
  2. DessViperV-10


    United States
    I absolutely LOVE this game but i dont have the pc version.....

    i borrowed my friend ps2 copy and had a BLAST in multiplayer :D
  3. Viper_Maniac


    United States
    I've played the PS2 version but not the PC version yet.
  4. Psxgamer27


    PC version is pretty cool. Ive made a few maps for the game, still working on a few more but havent gotten around to it in a long time. Online is pretty fun, once i get my 60 gig, i might just have to put this game in again. I havent played single player, more into multi for games. Just wish they'd let you add peopel and driveable vehicles and stuff in the multiplayer code!!! Thats the one thing that sort of bugged me being a map maker, theres so many ideas i can use if you could drive a vehicle!! O well, still a decent game. Once i get the game installed i'll give ya a ring and maybe we can play:)