Reefer Madness: A BLAST Through the 80s, Sat 10:30pm UK (12 Nov start)

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When I pitted Leo was miles ahead, dozens of seconds I think, and when I came out I was 48 seconds behind or something. Then, for a moment, I thought he was going to stay out so pushed hard but eventually he came in. When he came out of the pits I was excited to see he wasn't far in front. "Should be good", I thought, but I made a few silly errors and Leo drove like the pro he is and built a safe gap. Well done Leo, I think you are the real winner of this series.

I had a great start at Fuji, was 1st before the second lap and had to open a big gap because i knew you were comming fast, Joe! But i totally forgot about the 30 min race, so i wasn't going to pit. Only after 20 min, and tyres about 4, i realized i am stupid. =). I had to make my two fastest lap to keep you behind, and i finished the race with no fuel at all, because i didn't knew how much to put. lol

Congratulations for the win Joe, you were on top form every single race.:cheers::cheers:

The volvo wasn't the greatest for me. But i had to say, rich and buybon, both did a spectacular race!
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I actually had more fun in the Volvo than the weird is that.
I was close in the pack but made 2 silly errors early in both races that got me out of touch with the pack. So had a bit of a lonely race after that.
But like Tom_A said as soon as you make a mistake the guys behind will be onto you. Amazing close racing at Madrid and great fun at Fuji when we were still bunched up and the pit stop makes it more realistic and brings strategy. Brilliant. :D

So...What makes a good club and racing series?
The tracks? The cars I suppose? The people?...

Definitely the host Joe and the guys he's got together to race and the banter!!
Excellent and enjoyable as always Joe.
:bowdown:Thank you. :bowdown:
I definitely had a Blast too.:lol:
Another series down, and a well deserved winner. Well done Joe, great driving throughout, spending half the season sharing the medium tyre with leo. Still top two!

I had a shocking quali at Madrid, made a big mistake on each lap so I started 9th. Thanks for the move of the season vote, don't think it was, I needed tom and suts to be compliant, which they were. Worked my way up to 4th thanks to Al having his shoulder issues. Was surprised to be keeping leo honest, not quick enough to make a move, but was happy to still be near him.

The mx5 race was good fun, leo got an awesome start and was well up the order by turn one. Drove into a cloud of smoke after turn 2 and collected Al, sorry mate, just couldn't avoid you. Had a nice wee battle with suts for a bit, trying to get the switch back on a couple of occasions.
Final stages I was behind tom. I seemed to be quicker in the first half of the lap, he was quicker in the second half. I just couldn't get close enough to mount a challenge, but enjoyed it all the same.

Been great sport all the way through, great driving by all. Looking forward to the next one


white knuckle ride !
United Kingdom
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Hoho ho .... Thanks for another great series Joe:cheers:
Did better than i thought :) had some great battles :dopey:
Back to the future now
But will break the Delorian out again for another great series 'belt through the 90's'
Catch u soon:bowdown::lol:
Thanks for your kind words guys. This series was borne out of a slap and a tickle behind the bike sheds - wasn't planned - and it seems to have worked out well. Yes richy, back to the future now for some more iconic cars. Canny wait..
But but what now Mr. King club joe. Do you have it in your haert, to Put os All on ice until you like to race os the 7/1 2017 :cheers::cheers: Just like to know :cheers::cheers: rember we wait for it lol

Gooooood Day All :cheers::cheers:
But but what now Mr. King club joe. Do you have it in your haert, to Put os All on ice until you like to race os the 7/1 2017...

Always plenty of off-season testing to do - a man's work is never done. We're running the 90s cars courtesy of Colin. You could always choose the 70s cars fad:gtpflag: