Replay Glitch/Lag

United Kingdom
Derby, UK
Wondering if anyone can shed some light on a minor thing I noticed on a recent replay. Firstly a bit of backstory... Racing in the final manufacturer event at the Nürburgring, running nicely in 5th place but a second or so behind 4th. After the hairpin at the start of the penultimate lap we both went round the long left hander and headed down the short straight to the sharp left right combo, he immediately pulls to the left and slows drastically, thinking he’s slowing for a penalty or for som other reason I almost instantly pulled alongside him approaching the braking zone at which point he speeds up and takes the inside line straight through the braking zone and thus forces me off the side of the track. Haven’t a clue if it was a mistake or he was being an ass or anything else but it didn’t seem fair.

Anyway back to the main point in question, I watched this back on the replay to see it from his perspective (still couldn’t work out why he did it) but his driving style was very stiff and sharp, sudden direction changes and odd throttle spikes and braking. At first I thought he was just using the d-pad on his dual shock or something but it actually really struck me as it was very, very similar to the way AI drives in campaign mode. Not only him but the guy following too. There was no ghosting or jumping around the track like a lagging racer, just unpredictable sharp movements throughout the race. Has anyone else experienced this? Is the data from other drivers not saved as completely as your own in a replay? Any ideas?
Ahhh. I have the technical knowledge of a spoon I’m afraid... if you mean do I have a physical connection to my router then yes...
Yep, that was my idea, so you're clean, but those few problematic cars might have WLAN/WiFi connection making those information cuts.
New Zealand
Christchurch, NZ
I’ve noticed this during online replays sometimes too. I do think it’s down to the internet connection during the race. However, I have never noticed this behaviour from the ai in campaign mode, their lines are always smooth.