Resident Evil 7

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The game was absolutely gorgeous. It revived my love for the franchise. Made me buy all the other RE titles available for PC so far too. I've gone through them all now. I'm currently taking a break after RE6. I'm playing the Mass Effect trilogy before going on my second RE7 play-through.
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I finally beat the blasted game on madhouse difficulty last week. Granted, I kinda had help by using the bonus weapons through most of my playthrough. Infinite ammo is now mine! It's fun going back through the game and just blowing away enemies with an infinite grenade launcher.


Doing the Madhouse run (2nd playthrough) now, and while I mostly love how tense and repressive it is, I just encountered what I can only describe as a hands down insane example of piss poor game design. After having beaten Jack in the chainsaw fight without even taking a hit, impressive, considering this fight killed me more times than the entire rest of the game on my first playthrough, I made my way outside to the trailer, figuring I'd use another cassette tape to save after getting all the ressources in the immediate vicinity of the trailer. As I missed the trophy for watching all the video tapes on my first run, I figured I'd also watch the Mia tape before saving. I had done the tape without issues on my first playthrough, and even if I got caught, I figured that there was no way a video tape would reset me to my last save. It is, afterall, a videotape, and not at all relevant to Ethans continued existence. However, I got caught in the tape, the retry screen comes up, and I carry on, thinking it'll just restart me at the start of the tape. But nope. I am now looking at my last save, made before fighting Jack. I am now debating with myself whether I should snap the disc in half. It's going to be difficult persuading myself to resume the game now.

Outrageously infuriating :mad:🤬:banghead: