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    Bring Back one of the best old school tracks in North America, and that is Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. The Track 4.05 miles long and has 14 turns that are mostly medium to high speed corners. The lap record is held by Dario Franchittii in the Team Kool Green Honda Reynard, CART Championship Race
    Track Record: 1:39.866 @ 145.924 mph average


    The track is cut out through a section of the Kettle Moraine State Forrest which was carved out by the glaciers from the ice age. Elevation changes make this track like a roller coaster. At the start you blast into turn 1 and snake your way down into 2, 3, and 4. You jam on the brakes into 5 and launch your self up the hill into a blind falling away turn 6.

    You continue to fall away down into 7 and 8 till you make it to the famous carousel that is a complete 180 turn that drops away through out the entire corner. Next you hold your breath and take the kink flat out and launch your self into a lazy switch back through kettle bottoms. Once you reach turn 12 named Canada corner, it rises as you drive into it so you can really drive it in hard here.

    The next section in thunder valley and it is all blind over crest. Entry into Bill Mitchell is critical as a straight line fade into 14 is needed. Use all the rumble strip available to keep up your speed as the huge climb to the start finish punishes anyone with a bad exit out of 14. This is an old school BIG BOY track and we should have it in GT6

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    ..........This wasn't suggested yet?? Hell yeah, count me in. :tup::tup:
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