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Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by Big J 784, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Big J 784

    Big J 784

    does any have, or know where i can get settings for the following cars.

    1. mazda rx7 gtc lm (blue one in special section of mazda)
    2. re amemiya matsukiyo rx7 (yellow one in the special section)

  2. bla


    In the first case you´re talking about the rx7 lm. The rx7 GT-C lm is another car that can´t be found in the mazda special lot, only won. Not too much of a difference but the rx7 gt-c lm is better.

    I don´t know wich one you´re looking for. I only have the rx7 gt-c lm not the other one but anyway I can´t really give you any settings because the only thing I´ve changed in that car was the gear spacing.

    Good luck