Scout casting AE86 / tuner drivers for Initial D 20th anniversary cover

United Kingdom
London, UK
Would like to kindly scout cast and looking for AC AE86 drivers as part of celebrating the Initial D 20th anniversary anime as it was originally released in 1998.

About myself, have the learning impairment dyspraxia for the last couple of years, I produce English cover songs as part of a collabroative effort primarily from anime and video games that have not been previously covered by other utaite artists or producers

What makes me different is that I am Producer who does it for fun, as a hobby and enjoyment. Does not want it for money or the fame.

You can listen to more of I have done here -

Unsure as of this stage which song I will cover, but it will be something from Series 1 but not going to cover ones that have done already such as Running In the 90s and Gas Gas Gas.

Usually I just do a static image and put over the song and that is it for my projects. However I want to experiment for this project so had the idea of recreating the opening sequence (link / video below)

And even recreate some of the touge battles or even moments from the anime but also flexible if you want to do own sequences like tandium drifting. As well would you prefer having the sound effects or doing a non sound effect version like an AMV or do both?

Unfortunately my set up does not allow PC high quality gaming nor cannot stream from PS4 as it was only build for editing so I need some help.

What I kindly need is AC drivers that have the Japanese pack DLC and the Mk Akina track to help out with this. You would need to have a high quality setup to at least record 1080p HD without lag and good graphic quality but there is no need for 4k.

In return will put a credit in the description and if any room on the video itself similar to those Top 10 video game videos etc.

This will be released as an non profit project so no money would be made and project should hopefully be released by end of October.

If you are interested in taking part or got any questions then feel free to post or PM me.

Jordan the moderator has given me permission to post this.

Look forward to the replies.