Scrooge does GT4 Part II: 25 to 50% on 55,130 Credits..

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    NOTE : Read Part I in the following thread


    Scrooge was very happy with himself after reaching 25% on practically nothing. And whilst he still had nightmares about the 4,000 credits wasted on modding the Lupo, he slept well most of the time dreaming of his fattening bank account and his growing number of cars in the garage. He would wake up every morning and whistle that tune: 'Sweet dreams are made of this…'

    Sweet dreams or not, a man sometimes has to do things he is not proud of for a fistful of credits. And Scrooge would not be spared some embarrassment: Switching to N3 tires because they were the right price ($0) and It was the only way to enter some races he started getting red ears and people staring at him as he drove by.

    It wasn't long before he realized he was being referred to as 'Kerrigan' or 'Ice skating princes'. It wasn't because he was a cheapskate, which was a well-known fact. It was because all the tip toeing, controlled sliding, coasting and generally less-than-macho driving he had to do to win races on N3 tires. Specially using the 800HP beast that is the Toyota 7.

    He wasn't about to paint his cars pink (that would cost money) but he started signing the race registration forms as 'xoxo K.'. Princess or not he was gonna win those races!

    Scrooge started signing the registration forms 'Mr.Scrooge To You!' again when he found out that some of his competition had been shamelessly cheating. At least that Is the way he saw It. "How else do you suppose that a Ginnetta can have 123HP?" he asked anyone willing to listen. After many tries at the British Lightweight Cup with his stock Ginetta he got sick of the 'Cheating White Ginetta' and decided to fight fire with fire. The cup was won Inspite of the others 'cheating' but Scrooge was embittered by the whole affair.

    His mood only picked up after his therapist (a first year student working at a free clinic) made him realize that a few upgrades Is not cheating and that you can always look for a less 'loaded' lineup. "First they call me a princess, now they'll call me a wimp for running away from races" he protested. But In the end he started practicing a possible new signature "xoxo Coward Kerrigan"…

    All the racing that Scrooge was doing had not Interfered with his relationship with the lovely Ms. Penelope NeverShops. That Is until It was time to do the endurance races. Ms. NeverShops used every trick In the book to lure Scrooge away from the track to no avail until she threaten to spend all the time she wasn't with him AT THE SHOPS!

    Mr. Bob Cratchit came to the rescue offering to drive the endurance races for free as long as he could be associated with the fine racing outfit Scrooge was running. At the Nurburing 4 hour race he proved to Scrooge he was worthy of a driving contract. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. That Is, until Cratchit hit a rut and Scrooge had to bail him out of loosing some races (Tsukuba 9 hours, New York 200 miles, Susuka 1000 kms).

    About to loose his driving seat, Bob begged for another chance. He wouldn't have gotten It If not for Ms. NeverShops renewed shopping threats and Scrooge's unwillingness to do the 24 hour Nurburing all by himself. With his future at stake, Cratchit drove the race of his life, even putting Scrooge to shame during practice. He went on to assuring TWO LUMPS of coal for himself next Xmas by winning the SpeedWay 150 and the Infineon Sport races In a way only a champion sidekick would.

    The day when Scrooge spent lots of money was looming. It came In the form of the manufacturer races (VW Lupo Cup). He conveniently forgot where his wallet was and once again had to go to therapy. This Lupo car was really a money pit he though. But his wallet was lightened of 23k credits In one go when he had to buy dirt tires so that he could do some rallying. That was the biggest amount of money he had spent so far. He even had to resort to drinking some moonshine to gather the courage ….

    At exactly 50% here Is the list of expenses

    Jaguar E-Type ‘61
    *Car wash $50 UNNECESSARY
    *Oil change $50 UNNECESSARY

    RUF CTR Yellow Bird ‘87
    World’s Circuits
    Nordscleife Practice $5 Bob
    Practice $5 Scrooge

    Option Stream Z
    World Circuits
    Nordschleife Practice $5

    Ginetta G4 '64
    * Bought Weight Reduction 1 -> $ 1250 UNNECESSARY
    * Bought computer chip -> $1250 UNNECESSARY
    Race 3 SS5 Practice $5cr
    * Bought Turbo 1 -> $4600

    Chaparral 2D Race Car '69
    World Circuits
    Nurburing Free Practice $5cr
    Free Practice $5

    VW Lupo '02
    * Bought Turbo 1 -> $4500 UNNECESSARY
    * Bought Turbo 2 -> $12,500
    * Bought RH Tires -> $ 7900

    Lancia Delta S4 Rally
    *Bought Dirt Tires -> $23,000

    TOTAL: 55,130
    UNNECESSARY EXPENSES: 6,700 (Maybe some of the practice costs were unnecessary but are not Includeed In this)
    REAL EXPENSES: 48,430

    Below is the status screen
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    Alpine 1600
    Renault Alpine Cup
    Race 1 105 points: 6th by 39 secs, 6th by 20 secs, 6th by 18 secs, 6th by 18 secs. Can't control the tail. Much more obvious than in the Ginetta.

    Subary WRX Super Touring '01
    Downgrade tires to N3 - > $0
    Professional Hall
    Boxer Spirit
    Race 1 Hong Kong 10 points: 1st by 1.33
    Race 2 infineon 20 points: 1st by 3.11
    Race 3 Deep Forest 10 points: 1st by 7.11
    Boxer Spirit Prize: RUF CTR Yellow Bird

    Chevy Camaro LM Race Car
    Manufacturer event - Chevrolet
    Camaro Meet
    Race 1 Seoul 1 point: 1st by 40+
    Race 2 El Capitan 1 point: 1st by 1:10+
    Race 3 Midfield 1 point: 1st by 45+
    Camaro Meet Prize: Camaro IROC-Z Concept '88

    Mazda RX8 Concept 01
    Manufacturer event - Mazda
    RE Cup
    Race 1 Laguna Seca 131 points: 4th by 6.9, 3rd by 3.9. Need to know the car better....

    Mazda RX8 LM Concept '01
    Manufacturer event - Mazda
    RE Cup
    Race 1 Laguna Seca 1 point: 1st by 20.8
    Race 2 Autumn Ring 1 point: 1st by 20+
    Race 3 Special Stage 5 1 point: 1st by 25+
    Race 4 Opera Paris 1 point: 1st by 15+
    Race 5 Suzuka 1 point: 1st by 20+
    RE Cup Prize: Mazda 110S(L104) '67

    Honda S800 Race Car '68
    Downgrade tires to N3 ->$0
    Japan Hall
    Compact Car Cup
    Race 1 Twin Ring Monteigi 79 points: 4th by 6.9, 2nd by 5.5,DNF, 4th by 7.0. Car doesn't like to downshift to 2nd. Will have to come back to it later.

    Mazda LM Concept '01
    Japan Hall
    All Japan GT Championship (Practice races)
    Boy are the races in this long!!
    Race 1 Tokio 246 18 points. Leading comfortably. Abandoned race after establishing it would be an easy win.
    All Japan GT Championship (Championship)
    Decided not to qualify for most of the races
    Race 1 Tokio 246 10 points: 6th to 1st by 1.2
    Race 2 Suzuka East 10 points: 6th to 1st by 11.59
    Race 3 Seoul 10 points: 6th to 1st by 12
    Race 4 Fuji 90's 10 points: 6th to 1st by 15+
    Race 5 Twin Ring High Speed 10 points: 6th to 1st by 12.4
    Race 6 Laguna Seca 10 points: 6th to 1st by 20+
    Race 7 Hong Kong 10 points: 6th to 1st by 4.78
    Race 8 Twin Ring Road 10 points: 1st to 1st by 3.8
    Race 9 Fuji Speedway 2005 10 points: 1st to 1st by 5. 1
    Race 10 Suzuka 10 points: 6th to 2nd by 0.095 Got pushed off track twice!
    All Japan GT Championship Prize: Nissan Motul Pitworks GTC '04

    Mission 25 by 0.145 on the 4th try

    Mission 26 DNF,+4 secs, +4.1 secs, +3.4 secs, +2.8 secs, DNF (Spin at first turn), +1.241, DNF, +1.005, DNF, +0.118, DNF, beat it by 0.329

    Mission 27 +1.9 secs, DNF, DNF, +0.214, +0.560, DNF, DNF, +0.126, beat it by 0.770

    Mission 28 Beat it by 3.71 It was surprisingly easy

    Mission 29 +3.88, + 2.337, +2.102 (including one penalty), +1.544, DNF, DNF, +1.024, beat it by 0.309

    Missions 25-29 Prize: Toyota 7 Race car '70

    Toyota 7 Race car '70
    *Downgraded tires to N3 -> $0
    Professional Hall
    World Classic Series (Practice)
    Race 1 Fuji 80's 1 point: 1st by 3 seconds.
    Decided not to practice the rest of the races.
    World Classic Series (Championship)
    Race 1 Fuji 80's 1 point: 6th to 1st by 15+ seconds
    Race 2 El Capitan Reverse 1 point: 1st to 1st by 6.01
    Race 3 Nordschleife 1 point: 1st to 1st by 4.61
    Race 4 Cote D'Azur 1 point: 1st to 2nd by 7.6 (Lost concentration on second lap)
    Race 5 Laguna Seca 1 point: 1st to 1st by 8.9
    World Classic Series Prize: Mercedes Benz Carriage 1886

    Nissan 240Z '70
    Japan Hall
    70's Classics
    Race 1 Fuji 80's 10 points: 1st by 12.1
    Race 2 Autumn Ring Reverse 10 points: 1st by 4.08
    Race 3 Tsukuba 9 points: 1st by 5.64
    Race 4 DP Motorland Reverse 10 points: 1st by 1.431
    Race 5 Trial Mountain 10 points: 1st by 11.242
    70's Classics Prize: Nissan Skyline Hardtop 2000 GTR '70

    Nissan Sileighty 98
    Japan Hall
    90's Challenge
    Race 1 Apricot Hill 86 points: 1st by 3.204
    Race 2 Grand Valley Reverse 105 points: 1st by 6.601
    Race 3 Motegi East Short 101 points: 1st by 6.578
    Race 4 SS 5 Reverse 117 points: 2nd by 0.994, 1st by 2.59
    Race 5 Fuji 90's 110 points: 1st by 5.29
    90' Challenge Prize: Nismo 400 R '96

    Mazda Kusabi '03
    Japan Hall
    Compact Cup(practice)
    Race 1 Motegi East Short 8 points: 1st by 7.549
    Compact Cup (championship)
    Race 1 Motegi East Short 8 points: 6th to 1st by 14.720
    Race 2 Autumn Ring Mini Rev 8 points: 6th to 1st by 3.52
    Race 3 Tsukuba 8 points: 6th to 1st by 9.023
    Race 4 Deep Forest Reverse 8 points: 6th to 1st by 13.719
    Race 5 Suzuka East 8 points: 6th to 1st by 10+
    Compact Cup Prize: Honda LifeStep Van '72

    Audi Nuvolari Quattro
    European Hall
    S Liga B
    Race 1 Nordschleife 8 points: 2nd by 4.605, DNF, 1st by 1.129
    Race 2 Tokyo 24 6 points: 1st by 6.383
    Race 3 Fuji 90's 9 points: 1st by 14.513
    Race 4 High Sp Ring Rev 6 points: 1st by 20+
    Race 5 Suzuka 7 points: 1st by 6.734
    S Liga B Prize: AMG Mercedes 190E 2.5 Evo '92

    AMG Mercedes 190E 2.5 Evo '92
    European Hall
    Deutsche Touring Car Championship (Practice)
    Race 1 Opera Paris 111 points: 2nd by 12.632
    Race 2 Midfield 128 points: 1st by 6.371
    Race 3 High SP Ring Reverse 128 points: 1st by 10+
    Race 4 Nordschleife 128 points: 1st by 0.835
    Race 5 Fuji 2005 113 points: 3rd by 10.765
    Deutsche Touring Car Championship (championship)
    Race 1 Opera Paris 111 points: 1st to 1st by 10.443
    Race 2 Midfield 111 points: 6th to 1st by 6.760
    Race 3 High SP Ring Reverse 111 points: 6th to 1st by 13.130
    Race 4 Nordschleife 111 points: 6th to 1st by 0.444 (lap time was 7:16)
    Race 5 Fuji 2005 111 points: 1st to 1st by 1.746
    Deutsche Touring Car Championship Prize: AMG Mercedes CLK GTR Race Car '98

    Manufacturer Races
    Legends of Silver Arrow
    Race 1 Fuji 90's 1 point: 1st by 50+
    Race 2 Nordschleife 1 point: 1st by 30+ (lap time was 7:09)
    Race 3 Opera Paris 1 point: 1st by 40+
    Legends of Silver Arrow Prize: Mercedes Benz CLK Touring Car '00

    Pagani Zonda LM Race Car '01
    * Downgraded tires to N3 -> $0
    Euopean Hall
    Pan European Championship (Practice)
    Race 1 Opera Paris 1 points: 2nd by 1.222, 1st by 20+
    Pan European Championship (championship)
    Race 1 Opera Paris 3 points: 1st to 1st by 14.7
    Race 2 Grand Valley 3 points: 1st to 1st by 14.9
    Race 3 La Sarthe I 3 points: 1st to 1st by 30+
    Race 4 Cote D'Azur 3 points: 1st to 1st by 10.518
    Race 5 Nordschleife 3 points: 6th to 1st by 6.492
    Pan European Championship Prize: Jaguar XJ220 LM Race Car

    Jaguar XJ220 LM Race Car
    European Hall
    British GT (Practice)
    Race 1 Grand Valley 7 points: 1st by 8.875
    British GT (championship)
    Race 1 Grand Valley 8 points: 6th to 1st by 13.721
    Race 2 Fuji 90's 8 points: 6th to 1st by 11.599
    Race 3 El Capitan 8 points: 6th to 1st by 21+
    Race 4 Infineon 8 points: 6th to 1st by 8.68
    Race 5 Midfield Reverse 8 points: 6ht to 1st by 6.77
    British GT Prize: Jaguar E-Type '61

    Mission 30 4th by 3.9, 2nd by 1.8, 2nd by 0.984, 2nd by 0.465, 2nd by 0.247, DNF, 2nd by 1.286, beat it by 0.066

    Mission 31 5th by 3.123, DNF, 2nd by 1.223, 3rd by 1.428, 2nd by 0.446, 2nd by 0.615, Beat it by 0.676

    Mission 32 6th by 17.286, 5th by 10.140, 3rd by 6.960, DNF, DNF 2nd by 3.826, 2nd by 0.064, 3rd by 2.248, beat it by 2.046

    Mission 33 l6th by 21+ (Pushed into pits!), beat it by 0.489

    Mission 34 6th b y 38+, 6th by 32, 6th by 21, DNF, 6th by 37, 6th by 21,087, 5th by 16.574, 3rd by 9.787, 5th by 19.692, DNF, DNF, DNF, 3rd by 13.721, DNF, 3rd by 8.356, DNF, 3rd by 6.850, DNF, DNF, DNF, 3rd by 4.621, 3rd by 7.577, DNF, DNF, DNF, 3rd by 6.010, DNF, 3rd by 4.191, DNF, 2nd by 1.781, DNF, DNF, 3rd by 3.3610, DNF, DNF, DNF, DNF, 2nd by 1.441, DNF, beat it by 1.734

    Missions 30-34 Prize: Nissan R89C Race Car ‘89

    Mazda RX8 LM Race Car ‘01
    Japan Hall
    All GT Championship
    Race 10 Suzuka 18 points: 1st by 5.549

    Jaguar E-Type 61
    European Hall
    European Classic Cars
    *Selected a line-up with no Cobra in it
    Race 1 Nordscleife 4 points: 6th to 1st by 25+
    Race 2 Fuji 80’s 4 points: 6th to 1st by 11.421
    Race 3 Opera Reverse 4 points: 1st to 1st by 9.098
    Race 4 Suzuka 4 points: 6th to 1st by 4.507
    Race 5 Deep Forest 4 points: 6th to 1st by 13.562
    European Classic Cars Prize: Mercedes Benz Patent Motor Wagen 1886

    Toyota 7 Race Car ‘70
    Professional Hall
    World Classic Cars
    Race 4 Cote D’Azur 1 point: 2nd by 16.460 (Buick)
    1 pont: 1st by 9.42 ( No Buick)

    Jaguar XJ220 LM Race Car
    World Circuits
    Family Cup 10 points: 1st by 1.704

    Jaguar E-Type ‘61
    European Hall
    1000 Miles Championship
    Race 1 Nordschleife (25 laps) 2 points: 6th yo 1st by 1+ lap
    *Car wash $50
    *Oil change $50
    Race 2 Opera Paris (95 laps) 2 points: 6th to 1st by 6+ laps
    Race 3 Cote D’Azur (99 laps) 2 points: 6th to 1st by 6+ laps
    Race 4 La Sarthe (35 laps) 2 points: 6th to 1st by 1+ lap
    1000 Miles Championship Prize: Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint Speciale ‘63

    Nissan RC89 Race Car ‘89
    Endurance Hall
    Speedway 150 8 points: DNF, DNF (Bspec driver)

    RUF CTR Yellow Bird ‘87
    World’s Circuits
    Nordscleife Practice $5 Bob -> 7:37
    Practice $5 Scrooge -> 7:43.136

    Option Stream Z
    World Circuits
    Nordschleife Practice $5 Bob -> 713.292
    Scrooge -> 7:14

    Endurance Hall
    Nordschleife 4 hours 1 point: 6th to 1st by ??
    Nordschleife 4 hours Prize: Chaparral 2D Race Car '67

    Nissan Motul Pitworks Z '04
    Endurance Hall
    Grand Valley 300 kms 19 points: 6ht to 1st by 2+ laps
    There was another identical car in in the lineup but finished last.
    Grand Valley 300 kms Prize: Auto Union V16 Type C Streamline '37

    Ford GT '02
    Endurance Hall
    Laguna Seca 200 95 points: DNF

    Jaguar Xj220 Race Car LM
    Endurance Hall
    Laguna Seca 200 ? points: 1st by 32 secs. Bob did it.
    Laguna Seca 200 Prize: Ford Gt40 Race car '69

    Mercedes CLK GT-R Race Car '98
    Endurance Hall
    Tokyo R246 300 kms ? points: 6th to 1st by 1+ lap. Bob did it.
    Tokyo R246 300 kms Prize: Mitsubishi FTO Touring '97

    Ginetta G4 '64
    European Hall
    British Lightweight Series
    Race 1 Autumn Ring 82 points: 6th by 20.281, 5th by 13.528, 5th by 12.387, 5th by 11. 794, 3rd by 6.675, 3rd by 7.029
    82 points: 2nd by 3.03, DNF
    82 points: 3rd by 6.072

    * Bought Weight Reduction 1 -> $ 1250
    87 points: 5th by 9.067, 4th by 7.959
    96 points: 3rd by 3.665
    * Bought computer chip -> $1250
    81 points: 2nd by 0.766, 1st by 0.827
    Race 2 Apricot Hill 81 points: 4th by 9.743, 4th by 8.010, 3rd by 3.395, 3rd by 3.203
    81 points: 1st by 0.132 Lots of blocking of the Black Elise and the White Ginetta
    Race 3 SS5 82 points 5th by 13 seconds
    Free run $5cr lap record 1.48.8
    81 points 2nd by 1.703, 2nd by 2.384
    * Adjusted balance with 10lb of ballast at the front
    81 points: DNF
    82 points: 2nd by 1.966
    83 points: 3rd by 4.012
    * Adjusted balance with 20 lob of ballast at the front
    82 point: 2nd by 2.938
    67 points: DNF
    76 points: 2nd by 1.9, 2nd by 2.781
    76 points: 2nd by 3.42, 2nd by 2.504
    * Bought Turbo 1 -> $4600
    8 points: 1st by 7.307
    British Lightweight Series Prize: Lotus Europa Special '71

    Lotus Europa Special '71
    Manufacturer Races
    Lotus Classics (practice)
    Race 1 Hong Kong Reverse 58 points: 2nd by 7.5, 1st by 1.78
    Race 2 Laguna Seca 56 points: 2nd by 0.419, 2nd by 0.123, 1st by 2.088
    Race 3 El Capitan 56 points: 1st by 7.881
    Race 4 Tsukuba 56 points: 1st by by 0.619
    Race 5 Apricot Hill Reverse 56 points: 1st by 1.903
    Lotus Classics (championship)
    Race 1 Hong Kong Reverse 56 points: 6th to 1st by 4.029
    Race 2 Laguna Seca 56 points: 6th to 1st by 1.592 Race 3 El Capitan 56 points: 6th to 1st by 8.955
    Race 4 Tsukuba 56 points: 6th to 2nd by 2.02
    Race 5 Apricot Hill Reverse 56 points: 6th to 1st by 3.271
    Lotus Classics Prize: Lotus Elan S1 '62

    Lotus Elan S1 '62
    Beginner Hall
    Spider & Roadster
    Race 1 Motegi 132 points: 3rd by 11.901
    117 points: 3rd by 3.393, 2nd by 1.246, 1st by 2.514
    Race 2 Trial Mountain 138 points: 2nd by 0.556, 1st by 1.932
    Race 3 Infineon 146 points: 3rd by 5.065
    141 points: 1st by 0.016 (got video)
    Spider & Roadster Prize: Chrysler Prowler '02

    Alpine 1600
    Manufacturer races
    Alpine Cup (Practice)
    Race 1 Tokyo 246 105 points: DNF
    * Bought Turbo 1 -> $ 4600
    38 points: 3rd by 6.082, DNF, 5th by 12.03
    39 points: 2nd by 6.336
    Race 2 Trial Mountain 36 points: 1st by 2.301
    Race 3 Opera Paris Reverse 54 points: 3rd by 11.30
    Race 4 SS 5 24 points: 1st by 0.181
    Race 5 Grand Valley 24 points: 1st by 2.967
    Race 1 Tokyo 246 54 points: 5th by 9.320
    24 points: DNF
    39 points: 2nd by 6.311
    * Bought Stage 1 Weight Reduction -> $ 1100
    34 points: 2nd by 6.181
    Alpine Cup (championship)
    Race 1 Tokyo 246 19 points: 1st to 1st by 1.730
    Race 2 Trial Mountain 19 points: 1st to 1st by 8.194
    Race 3 Opera Paris Reverse 19 points: 1st to 1st by 1.835
    Race 4 SS 5 19 points: 1st to 1st by 9.308
    Race 5 Grand Valley 19 points: 1st to 1st by 7.478
    Alpine Cup Prize: Alpine A110 1600 '73

    Cadillac Cien
    Endurance Hall
    New York 200 miles 2 points: 1st by 2+ laps Bob did 1/2 of it
    New York 200 miles Prize: Dodge Charge Super Bee 426 hemi '71

    Nissan Fairlady Z Concept
    Endurance Hall
    Suzuka 1000 Kms 5 points: 1st by 2+ laps. Fastest lap was no 172 at 1:55.760
    Suzuka 1000 Kms Prize: Lister Storm V12 Race Car '99

    Nissan GT-R Concept Tokyo '01
    Endurance Hall
    Motegi 8 hours 6 points: 1st by 2+ laps. Bob did most.
    Motegi 8 hours Prize: Honda NSX Prototype LM Road Car '02

    Honda NSX Prototype LM Road Car '02
    Professional Hall
    Supercar Festival
    Race 1 Seoul 10 points: 2nd by 16.907, DNF
    9 points: 1st by 13.906 (No Nardo, No Cien)
    Race 2 Fuji 90's 29 points: 1st by 11.780
    Race 3 New York 71 points: 1st by 11.272 Merc was on pole and held back the Nardo for a good while
    Race 4 Midfield 53 points: 2nd by 12.458 Tommy on 1st plac
    8 points: 1st by 14.207 2nd was Ford GT, 3rd was Nuvolari (Started on pole)
    Race 5 Infineon 34 points: 1st by 12.549 2nd was Ford GT, Nuvolari started on pole.
    Supercar Festival Prize: Cizeta V16T '94

    RUF CTR Yellow Bird
    Endurance Hall
    Tsukuba 9 hours 6 points: 1st by 2+ laps
    Bob did < 1/3
    Fastest lap was 58.967
    Elise 111R was second.
    Tsukuba 9 hours Prize: Nissan Calsonic Skyline GT-R '93

    Cizeta V16T '94
    Endurance Hall
    El Capitan 200 miles x points: DNF

    Audi Nuvolari Quattro
    Endurance Hall
    El Capitan 200 miles ? points: 1st by 40 seconds.
    Bob did some.
    Fastest lap was 1:52.231
    Spirra was second
    Z05(c5) was third
    El Capitan 200 miles Prize: Minolta Toyota 88-C-V Race Car '89

    Toyota 7 Race Car 70'
    Endurance Hall
    Speedway 150 ? points: DNF
    Infineon Sports 42 points: DNF
    Fuji 1000 kms 45 points: 1st by 1+ laps
    Bob did bad first 6 laps
    Scrooge did next 104 laps
    Bob finished up the race loosing most of the lead.
    Fastest lap was 1:15.288
    Fuji 1000 Kms Prize: Nissan RCP Race Car '92

    Chaparral 2D Race Car '69
    World Circuits
    Nurburing Free Practice $5cr Bob-> 6:52
    Free Practice $5 Scrooge -> 7:10

    Endurance Hall
    Nurburing 24 Hours 2 points: 1st by 6+ laps
    Bob did all but 2 laps
    Nurburing 24 Hours Prize: Formula Gran Turismo '04 Orange

    Formula Gran Turismo '04
    Endurance Hall
    Speedway 150 ? points: 2nd by 9seconds
    Peugot 905 only pitted once!

    Infineon Sports ? points: 1st by 6+ laps
    Bob did It all
    Infineon Sports Prize: Ford GT LM Race Car '02

    Speedway 150 ? points: 1st by 17 seconds
    No 905.
    Bob did it all
    Speedway 150 Prize: Honda NSX Prototype LM '02

    Cizeta V16T Moroder
    Euro Hall
    La Fiesta Italiano
    Race 1 Autumn Ring 1 point: 2nd by 3.800, 1st by 5.753
    Race 2 Cote D'Azur 1 point: 1st by 10.920
    Race 3 Infineon 1 point: 1st by 14.423
    La Fiesta Italiano Prize: Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 VTi '93

    VW Lupo '02
    * Bought Turbo 1 -> $4500
    Manufacturer Events
    Lupo Cup (Practice)
    Race 1 Fuji 90's 100 points: 6th by 15.256, 6th by 12.304
    * Bought Turbo 2 -> $12,500
    53 points: DNF, 4th by 5.012, 3rd by 3.930, DNF, DNF
    * Bought RH Tires -> $ 7900
    27 points: 1st by 2.486
    Race 2 Nordschleife 27 points: 1st by 3.026
    Race 3 Tsukuba 27 points: 6th by 12.203
    Race 4 Suzuka 27 points: 6th by 8.962, 6th by 4.438, DNF, 2nd by 2.411, 5th by 7.465
    Race 5 Infineon 27 points: 1st by 1.020

    Lancia Delta S4 Rally
    *Bought Dirt Tires -> $23,000
    Special Conditions
    Grand Canyon (EASY)
    Race 1 vs R5 Turbo 1 point: 2nd by 15.339, 2nd by 1.351, DNF, 1st by 5.654
    Race 2 vs Lancia 1 point: 2nd by 3.756, 2nd by 26.7, 2nd by 15.490, end by 3.789, 2nd by 20.749, 2nd by 19.365

    Swiss Alps (EASY)
    Race 1 vs Celica 1 point: 1st by 15 secs.
    Race 2 vs Focus 4 points: 1st by 12 secs.
    Swiss Alps (EASY) Prize: Mitsubishi C2-3 Tarmac '01

    Tahiti Maze (EASY)
    Race 1 vs Lancer 1600 1 point: 1st by 3 secs
    Race 2 vs Peogot 205 1 point: 1st by 5.7 secs
    Tahiti Maze (EASY) Prize: Renault 5 Turbo '80

    Cathedral Rocks I (EASY)
    Race 1 vs Celica GT-Four 1 point: 1st by 10.370
    Race 2 vs Celica GT-Four 1 point: 1st by 2.432
    Cathedral Rocks I (EASY) Prize: Lan Rover Stormer Concept '04

    Cathedral Rocks II (EASY)
    Race 1 vs Audi Quattro '82 1 point: 2nd by 1.020, 1st by 0.729
    Race 2 vs Lancia Delta HF '91 1 point: 2nd by 3.664, 1st by 2.126
    Cathedral Rocks II (EASY) Prize: Hyundai HC D6 '01

    Swiss Alps (NORMAL)
    Race 1 vs Clio Ranault Sport '03 1 point: 1st by 25+
    Race 2 vs Ford Escort Rally Car '98 4 points: 2nd by 6.492, end by 15.726
    Vs Lancer Evo Rally '97 3 points: 1st by 1.825
    Swiss Alps (NORMAL) Prize: Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally car (ST205) '95

    50% Completion Prize: Jaguar XJR-9 Race Car '88
  3. Pupik

    Pupik Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Nice write up! The next 25% ought to be interesting...

    Sorry to be a burden of bad news, but can't you win an Impreza Rally Car (has dirt tires) without buying dirt tires, though?
  4. Mr.Slow



    If you are talking about the Subaru Impreza Rally Car '99 then the answer is no. That is because you win it at the Cathedral Rocks I (NORMAL) for which you need dirt tires.

    Same applies to the Subaru Impreza Rally Car '01: you need snow tires to win it.

    The Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype '01 (from Rally DCapri NORMAL) comes with racing tires.
  5. gibus


    Scrooge is going to hate the Opel Speedster event... Mucho money to spend :D
  6. ViXeN


    This, my friend, is very very true.... almost impossible to compete with them unless you have MAX upgrade on your speedster... Scrooge aint gonna like this one. hehe.

    Nice going though Scrooge, So can I know what your bank acount is on now???
  7. Mr.Slow


    Look at the status screen at the bottom of the first post
  8. barryl85


    nice write up, i read your 0-25% one aswell :tup:
  9. barryl85


    its took you a while tho, aint it? how much time do you spend on it? not getting bored yet?
  10. Mr.Slow


    Well, yes. 1 month in real life for each 25%. But considering that I only play about 1.5 hours per day on weekdays and max 4hrs/day on weekends it is not that long.

    In VR life it also took a while. I know of at least one other 'scrooge' who got to 50% in about 1/2 of the GT days as I did. Dunno why, maybe he's a better driver, maybe he read the first set of notes (0-25%) and avoided dead ends... :-)

    Not bored yet. The endurance races were a little tedious and there were some long stretches where 1 point races were the norm but the last 2% was very hard trying not to spend money. Looking forward to getting past 62% which someone else has proven to be the farthest you can get without buying a car.
  11. barryl85


    Hopefully you will prove them wrong! Have you completed all of the enduro's? i hardly had time to play the game because of my girlfriend so i could never start a challenge like you did as i would end up having a break up! she already hated the time i was spending on it! :dopey:
  12. Mr.Slow


    Got 3 enduros left. One I can't do without buying a Mazda MX-5 (Roadster 4 hour endurance - Only cars allowed are Mazda's MX-5). The other two are the La Sarthe I & II. Easiest way to do them would be with the F1 car but I am holding off on those. The other 13 endurance were enough for the moment :-)

    Fortunately I don't have to worry too much about a breakup... I am married and she signed the 'for better or for worse' marriage cert... :sly:

    Just kidding...
  13. amp88


    Good reading :tup:

    I can certainly empathise with this:

    Though in one of the races I did with the Toyota 7 and N3s at Suzuka, the car felt perfect. Not sure if it was the open nature of the track, or whether I just got used to it or not.

    I've been sowly mopping up the manufacturers races lately (having to buy quite a few cars, including an Aston and I'll have to buy a brand new Saleen S7 too :( ).

    Good luck and keep it up :)
  14. Mr.Slow


    I didn't try that one. But at the Fuji 1000 the Toyota 7 was a delight (you could hardly tell it was on N3s). Only two corners you had to watch out for: Turn 1, get the approach angle right and just wait a fraction longer before footing it. Then the last turn of the chicane, tricky in itself, not very nice if you hit the chicane... car goes up in the air and there is a good chance of spinning.

    The Euro classics on the other hand.... brrrrr.. specially Cote D'azur battling the buick special... :grumpy:
  15. barryl85


    your lucky my girlfriend blames me for everything including her failing college - oh well what are men for? :indiff:
  16. Mr.Slow



    ARRRGGGHHH you jinxed it mate! got to 52.5 and not feeling like playing anymore.... hopefully it is just a phase...
  17. Mr.Slow


    Well, I didn't. Got a little bored and ended up buying a car for $5900.... 89 MX5 for the 4 hour endurance....
  18. Papo Chicharra

    Papo Chicharra

    Mr are a very productive driver. Congratulations.
    Pls help me with this, if you may...I am at 32.9% with ALL of the Begginers AND Professional races completed, yet, I cannot access the EXTREME EVENTS HALL...Why Not?

  19. Mr.Slow


    Sorry mate. I haven't got into the extreme hall myself because I haven't done the truck races. So I wouldn't be the right person to give you an answer.

    I have read though that you must WIN all the beginner and Professional races. Not just the championships but the actual races. So you should go back and make sure you have gold in every race (including the championships)
  20. Mr.Slow


    To those who have been following Scrooge's "little money" adventure:

    I have been thinking about changing the format a little bit and start publishing part III immediately with regular updates and edits instead of posting in the part II thread (this one) updates that relate to part III (50-75%).

    I would certainly save me from doing one big effort transcribing race results at the end (75%) as I would transcribe race results every other day. It would also allow me to elaborate more on specific races.

    What do you think?
  21. Papo Chicharra

    Papo Chicharra


    Thank you for your response Mr Slow.

    Yes, I do have Gold in all of them...yet, no access. Some of the races were done/won in b-spec. Would this affect to sattisfy the requirements?
  22. Mr.Slow


    It shouldn't (to my knowledge)
  23. chinko


    have you done them as single races or as the series? because you have to get gold in the series in order to access the extreme hall
  24. Sanjko


    This is good i am going to try it out the way scrooge did.
  25. Indoctrin


    Im slowly slowly getting nearer the 40% mark as ive now got 33.1% done.

    Races i can still do (not including certain manufacturers =

    Beginner Truck Races
    Beginner Spider/Roadster Races
    Professional Boxer Spirit
    Professional Supercar
    Proffesional GT World Championship
    Missions 11-20
    All endurances (Except 1000km Fuji, El Capitan)

    I still haven't even spent a single credit!
  26. Mr.Slow


    Good going indoctrin! :tup:

    BTW you can't do the beginner truck race withouth buying a truck.
    The Spider and Roadster cannot be done with the Corvertte 54 withouth heavy mods so you are better off modding the ginetta (turbo 1 is enough) and winning the british lightweight, then the lotus classics and then the spider and roadster.

    But if you really want to do the spider and roadster on $0 you need to do the La Sarthe II enduro and use the prize (Bentley speed 8) for the british lightweight, then lotus classics and then spider and roadster. I didn't try this because I thought the Speed 8 wouldn't qualify for the british lightweights since it is a race car. But have found recently that you are indeed allowed to race it there (and get 1 point per race :-))
  27. Indoctrin


    Thats how ill have to do it then :D

    Though so far today ive added the Super Speedway Endurance, Boxer Spirit, Japanes 90's. and Silvia's Trophy and am just starting the Type R Trophy.

    Was rather cool noticing the technicallity that all standard road tyres are free. Though i suspect this is the case with every car as they should ALL come with them anyway!
  28. SjefGielen


    That's not entirely true, I won every race except the Sarthe race on the GT World Championship and I AM able to enter the extreme hall. Maybe a bug?
  29. Mr.Slow


    Maybe. Like I said, I haven't gotten around to try...
  30. WiZdoM


    While my attempt at a 'Scrooge Run' in Gran Turismo 4 didn't conform to rule five, I have exceeded 48% game completion without a single purchase of any kind. My toughest races to date with stock prize cars were the Renault Alpine Cup (using the Alpine A310 1600VE '73) and the British Lightweight Car Race series (with the Ginetta G4 '64), but neither the Lightweight K Cup series with the Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79 nor the French Championship series with the Alpine A110 1600S '73 were a picnic.

    The one definitely winnable race left for me is the Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours II (an Audi R8 '01 is already in the garage and prepared for this race, waiting for a day when I can run the Playstation 2 for about 10 hours). Aside from that, I'm going to see if there's any way I can make a legitimate run at the British GT Cup series with the Jensen Interceptor MkIII '74. I'll check in if I can push my game progress to 49% without a purchase (including not purchasing the 'free' economy tires).