Sega GT 2002 Thoughts/Opinion

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by ethanol, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. ethanol


    Well, now that Sega GT 2002 is out, I thought I'd share my thoughts and give the pros/cons as I see 'em.

    • It's beautiful!
    • Sounds great
    • Did I mention beautiful?
    • Great assortment of cars - old/new
    • Novel approach in dealing with damage
    • you get distracted by the beauty
    • low speed turning is odd - it feels very "loose" or "floaty" (my girlfriend's description of it)
    • Reverse is strange as well. If you do have to back up, the front end whips around like reversing on ice with a front wheel drive - *very* odd.

    All in all, alot better looking/sounding than GT3, however, GT3 still has the edge in gameplay.

    GT2002 is still a great game though and worth picking up if you've got both systems.
  2. Tom M

    Tom M

    It has too few tracks, and while the graphics resolution is nice, the tracks are plain and too flat. Some nice variety and artistry would have done this game woders. All in all it's decent, but nothing in the realm of GT3 (or GT2 or GT1 for that matter)
    Rallisport and Project gotham are better values for your Xbox dollar.
    It does have a nice selection of classic cars though...
  3. vat_man

    vat_man Staff Emeritus

    That is a fault in so many games - GT3, Grand Prix Legends and GP3 are about the only games to get the feeling of low speed driving right.
  4. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider Staff Emeritus

    The Lowdown: Posted from GameSpy

    It's no Gran Turismo killer, but a very suitable and engaging nonetheless.

    • Pros: Marvelous graphics; respectable depth; long shelf life.

      Cons: Doesn't get as down-and-dirty as its peers; some aspects of the presentation seem a little bare-boned.
  5. The_Masaru05


    A great racing game, but the tracks seems empty-ish and it seems to feel like they forgot whole pieces in the background that they forgot to add in. I wonder what Sega is going to implement in the Sega GT 2002 Addon disc....

    I'm hoping for that carrezoria thing from Sega GT and the ability to modify more settings, such as the transmission, not just pick a preset one.
  6. Joey D

    Joey D Premium

    United States
    Good racing game but the handling is a little odd. There needs to be more cars and more tracks then it would be a great game insteed of a good game.
  7. BoSS


    Feels fast unlike GT3
  8. epic


    United States
    ^ lol

    my opinion is this game is alot harder than gran turismo... more realistic to in the events of engine wear and etc. plus they didnt just use one engine sound like gt3! and you can see the fire from exhaust :D
  9. GTO_VR4


    United States
    My thoughts on sega gt 2002

    -Lots of rare vehicles
    -goes into detail very well (back firing, bov etc)
    -great sound

    -Its gfx are ok, but not up to GT3 standards
    -handling seems kinda weak
    -some vehicles look out of proportion
    -not many cars
    -all tracks seem to be based on Formula 1 style tracks, and lack in realism

    and another thing...i think that game is anti-drift :D
  10. The | Jackal

    The | Jackal

    I personally like this game, not to the extent that I like GT3, but this game is decent. The selection of cars is pretty nice, some cars which I would like to see there aren't, which in my opinion is a small thumbs down. I'll agree with you guys about the tracks being too small in quantity and are too...plain. But it's an overall good game. Heck, it came free with my Xbox
  11. Concept

    Concept (Banned)

    I thought there was already a thread on this. Oh yeah, there was.

  12. jdhnc13


    Personally I think the low speed and high speed handling is better than that on GT3. I think if you play it enough it's very realistic. You can feel a difference in tires adn tire can feel the body roll difference in can feel the handling difference from car to car. You can feel cars push more...some turn better under power...some under breaking...some you have to let off both to straighten the front end. Now I haven't driven most of these cars for real, but it sure seems accurate in the few I have.

    You want great low speed the Super Seven. True to the's turning radius is incredible...and has exceptional feel to it.

    I agree that the tracks lack imagination...and GT3 owns this game in tracks, in car availability, and in tunning the cars, but in driving realism, sound, and the damge attempt as well as the AI this game is in my opinion better than GT3. I hope they both learn some things from each other.

    Just my two cents. I love both the games.

    I also like how you don't know when you're getting what part. It keeps you right in the thick of the AI competition and doesn't let you quickly BUY your way faster than the AI. You actually have to out race it more.

    A lot of people complain about GT3 being easy because they can out horsepower the AI...this game at least slows that down.

    The more I play it the more I like it. With more cars, more tracks, and more tunning options this game in the future could give the GT series a run for their money.

  13. Hell Spawn

    Hell Spawn

    The graphics are good, not awesome but the cars are modelled well. The sound is great and with a 5.1 set your minted :D . The tracks are good, but on earlier races you have a really naff car and your put into very large tracks which take an age to complete. The tracks also really bug me because they go left - right - left - right - left with only a couple of left - left or right - right combos. The way in which you need to unlock better tweaks makes a large difference over gt3 but the amount of options for tweakability should have been smartened up a bit. The default music is a bit pants and reminds me a lot of all sega games (in particular virtua tennis) but thanks to the xbox hdd I soon sorted that out. I did find whilst using this function you needed to select the album or songs after you have turned the console off. I would of liked the ability to create a playlist like in PGR which is loaded when the console is turned on.
    I have my xbox set up for a pal 60 mode but when I took my save game around my friends he had his xbox set to normal mode and I couldn't load and seeing he hasn't got a tv set that can handle pal 60 it was a bit disappointing (I wanted to show my GT40concept).

    Apart from that I really enjoyed this game and I still play it 2 months after I bought it.
  14. Dudley


    You'll encounter the 50/60hz issue in PGR too (and indeed MSR on DC).
  15. kyle


    I like Sega GT 2002, but it's kinda weak to me.
  16. DGB454


    I want it to last longer. I finished it too quick. If they could build on it to make it longer with more tracks or something I would buy the next version.
  17. Joey


    - too many cars i've never heard of
    - not enough detail in tracks
    - horribly inaccurate physics
    - tirespin 24/7 (and it sounds fake)

    it's still fun, though.

    VIPFREAK (Banned)

    I know this thread is really old but I was able to get a hold of my friends xbox along with PGR and SegaGT2002 and I have to say I hate them all xbox, pgr and sega gt2002. At the moment I'm playing sega GT2002... I'll hopefully be renting PGR2 if I can find it anywhere anytime soon.