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Circuit Length: 1.1 km
Track Type: City
Road Type: Tarmac
Appears in: Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo (PSP)
In fairness, i didn't say it was no longer there. ;)

And the first i heard about it was today, in the post above mine.
Great that they restored it though.
As underrated and simple as it might look, it's actually a very fun a challenging course. Around the start/finish line, the road is extremely wide (a-Reliant-Robin-could-roll-over-and-still-make-the-turn wide) and it narrows down to Nürburgring-ish levels before the second-to-last corner. Add an average speed of somewhere around 180-200km/h to the mix and you have a very nice track.

That, and it's a nice test of nerves. How far will you go before slamming the brakes for the hairpin? How far will the guy in front/to your left/right/behind you go?

While I can easily imagine chaos in the first corner in regular online races (12 year old in a fully-upgraded Veyron with nitrous who has no idea whatsoever about what's going on realises there's a thing called corners, panics and slams into the wall, spins across the track and tries to take down as many as possible), it would be absolutely brilliant for organised events. Imagine all the amazing slipstream battles down the straights.. :drool:
Great track, even on TT was a real challenge. I think PD should add more corners to the layout and make it larger, but overall a great Asian city!
I decided to extend the track in my free time, and it runs for a whopping 11.52 miles. Would also love to see the original, though.
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The complex string of city circuits i see.
Anyway, i would like it back just for the sole purpose of Hyundai bragging about having a track in GT that has their HQ.
...Similarly to Honda and Tokyo R246
If Hong Kong does not return in GT7, I think this may. The current layout remains unchanged (aside from the Seoul Gate, which has been restored). This track is very underrated, and I wish it would return in GT7 (short or extended, like the one I did above) with time and weather change.

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