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If I create enough "Naked HSV" liveries, maybe I can summon one.

I'm having too much fun with the Volvo 240. Half the time I spend in GT7 is customizing cars and making liveries, and this wagon is such a perfect a fit for so many styles of build. I've already replicated my friends family hauler, built a stancey-boi version, a 300hp rally car, and now a modernized "240 R" that I made to mimic the newer R wagons.


The 240 "R" has all of the everything thrown at it. Every engine part, high-rpm turbo, diff, suspension, brakes, Stg. 1 weight drop and SS tires. It's pretty quick with almost 350 hp, and at 580PP will be useful in most Euro 600 class races. I've done a bit of tuning on the suspension and LSD, but it needs a little bit more finessing to make it a more stable and less likely to oversteer into oblivion. I put it in the Clubman Cup 600 and it easily got into second place, so it's definitely capable, but it still takes a lot more hp to catch up to Gallos stupid Alfa and a lot of steering correcting to keep it in line.

I wanted this one to look as smooth and modern as possible so the headlight wipers were deleted and no extra lights were added to the front. All chrome and valances were color matched to the car, a wing was added (with a carbon fiber relief on top) and some Work Gnosis wheels were thrown on to evoke the fat 5 wheels of the S60R/V70R. It took quite a bit longer to color match everything on this brick than I thought it would, but I think it came out nice, and looks like what a 240R could have been.





I'm torn between the Works and OZ Turino wheels, but I have the OZs on it now for the more OEM look, and they will likely be on there for good.

OZ Turinos


Happy modding peeps, I know I'm having a good time! Haven't even touched the R30 Skyline yet, but from what I've seen it's gonna be good too. Also looking forward to making a JUN style livery for the NSX.
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I know theres no way to prove this but I feel partially responsible for the recent influx of Marlboro liveries popping up..




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