SideWinder FF Wheel - T150 or T300?

Hello guys,

15 years ago I was using Microsoft SideWinder FF Wheel, and it was perfect for me (For that time). After graduating school and I started to play "real-life", so I did not have time to play games and sold the wheel. The wheel was perfect, I had lots of fun with it.

Now again I started to play games but I only have 3-5 hours per week to play. I like to play Rally games and after Dirt Rally come out I bought it. I start to play with keyboard but I realized it is impossible to progress and I was not having fun (Especially with rear-wheel drive cars). I bought Steelseries SRW-S1, I thought it does not need lots of space and practical. I tried it with Dirt Rally, but unfortunately It was really hard to play and no fun at all. Using Keyboard was better actually.
I bought ProjectCars recently, I tried SRW-S1, It was better then Dirt Rally but again I do not feel driving a car.

I am a casual gamer (I play other games too) and not have lots of time to play games. I mean, I am not a hardcore gamer but looking for quality and fun. I started to look for a wheel and I decided to get T150 or T300. I found T150 for £130 and T300 for £220. I probably will not use manual gearbox and clutch so I will stick with non-GT non-Pro editions, or should I? (When thinking Dirt Rally and ProjectCars)

I read some topics about T300 and T150 and It seems that T150 is more stable than T300. Stability is my top concern because I am living in another country so It will be hard to return/replace it. Moreover T300 is almost double the price. On the other hand, If I buy T150 and not like it, I will regret for the 3th time on my racing journey :(

Right now I cannot decide and looking at you to guide me :)