SimRacers Season 60: Skyline Showdown

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    One of the oldest (and most unoriginally named) leagues running on Forza is still trucking along, and will be using a JDM icon in the R34 Skyline for its next season.

    We have around 15-20 people weekly, but as we struggle with the age of FM7 we are always looking to add more clean drivers. All skill levels are welcome, but we do expect drivers to be able to race clean and safely. Our current grid features drivers of all skill levels, so you should be able to find people to race with and improve through competition. With things like cautions and qualifying, a long-running stable league like we have is a great place to step up from the hoppers to get a more realistic and serious experience. We also have some extra liveries available for you if you aren't a painter, and many of our drivers are willing to share tuning advice.

    With racing slicks and nearly 800lbs of weight trimmed out of it, partly due to a rear-wheel drive conversion, our Skylines for this season are considerably more agile than their road-going siblings. The screaming inline 6 stays stock, but a bodykit with a big ol' wing courtesy of Top Secret helps make the car a bit louder. Despite the stock engine and race slicks, the car still requires some finesse to drive, so your skill can shine.

    Season 60 features a mixed schedule, including Enduro Rounds and Sprint Rounds. The Enduro Rounds will feature a single race approximately 1 hour long, while the Sprint Rounds will feature two races approximately 25 minutes long with the second race starting grid inverting the top 6 finishers from the first race.

    An exhibition round to allow everyone to meet and get into the swing of things will be held on March 30th, with the first points-scoring event held a week later on April 6th.

    Rules and registration can be found at SimRacers.US. Our website is mostly an archive of results now, as we have a Discord and we do most of our chatter in it now, it can be joined here:
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    Had 25 cars show up for our exhibition and great racing in both lobbies.

    Full season starts this Monday, so there's still plenty of time to sign up.

    We have a team championship as well for 2-person teams, so you can bring a friend and work with them.

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    Brands hatch gp for 4/20. I'm down. But I need to know how to build the car please. My gamertag is iPLAYfast6ty. Please someone get a hold of me. Brands hatch will be fun. I'm not fast but I'm a great participator/commentator/recruiter/host.
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    Sorry, once the season started and we had no responses here I stopped checking, so I missed this.

    If you are still interested in joining up for the remainder of the season, let me know though and we can get you in. Don't worry about whether or not you are fast either.

    Same goes for anyone else, drivers are welcome to join mid-season as long as they are respectful on track, and of course we will have another season after this one with a different car/cars.