Skyline GTR v-spec

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  1. OK I baught this today, for my second car.  I was wondeirng.  Is the Lancer better?  Can this car be really awesome souped up all the way?  My problems wiht it right now is getting parts for it.  I' low on moneyt, and cant seem to beat any of the beginer Gt3 chapoinship cups.  Except the Super Speed way.  The other ones I get pretty wasted on.  should I save uy for the Stage 4 turno right now?  or get the Stage 3?  Cuz like I said money is hard to come by at the moment.
  2. the lancer handles better and you can race rally with the lancer....rally is easy can win any race in beginner besides the dream car championship with a stock lancer....awesome acceleration and handling
  3. So the Skyline sucks?
  4. personally i think it does....but other people won't get you far in the game......either will the lancer but you can beat the euro cup in amateur with a turbo kit....and get the vertigo.....i think the skyline would need more work then that to be able to win that race
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    I actually think and know that the Skyline IS a good car, In the right hands it can beat many of the better car's, plus you can go upto about 1000hp+
    You can win some good races with it :)
    Any Race it qualifies to run-in on the Beginners, it will win easy, Upgrade it a bit and it will do the same in the Amateur series.  Yes there are better car's, but this one will get you some of them.

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  6.   Once you pop a stage four turbocharger into a Skyline you'll wonder how you ever did without it.
  7. Heres my 2cents...

    Use your best car with the most hP and the most handling and goto the 'Championship GT Races' and select 'Super Speedway'. Its outstandingly easy to win, and you get 10,000. race it 10 times. After you have over 100,000 goto the 'Dodge' car selection. After you go there, get a Viper GTS. There are 78,000, and that leaves you with 22,000 to spiff it.

    The Viper ROX! And heres why...
    1. The Acceleration is good
    2. It only takes about 50,000 to get all the good stuff in.
    3. Has outstanding speed.
    4. The Acceleration is OUTSTANDING, even with the gear rations far apart!
    5. Its a nice looking car.
    6. My Dad works for Dodge in KC! :p'

    theres my 2 cents... great now im broke :(
  8. the skyline is in the top 5 as best cars in gt3 believe me i own all the good cars and have tested them against each other as well as solo.
  9. I won a Skyline in one of the beginer races. Used it to enter the 80's challenge. Spanked the competition HARD with only an oil change and the most basic exhaust fitted.

    And it sticks to the road like glue!

    Its not the best looking car. Its not the fastes etc etc. But if you've got the basics of cornering sussed it drives like a dream.
  10. my skyline dominated all race cars in gt3 except the formula cars and the cars like the 787B and the gt-one race car. all other cars couldnt handle my modified skyline gtr-vspec
  11. So should I spend some cashola on it?
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    Might not be a bad idea to spend some cash on one :)
  13. Whatever you do, don't sell it. You'll need it to do the Red Badge races in Amateur and Pro levels. And as a proud R32 owner, I also think they rock.
  14. hmm i beg to differ that the skyline is one of the best 5 cars in the game.......there are more then 5 f1's
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    I agree. The F1 cars are the best .
  16. Buy a Skyline GT-R V-spec II [R35,J] and hop it up. Then go to Amatuer League > 4WD Challenege. If you win that series you get a LANCER Evolution VII GSR.

    That's what I did.

    Or, take a really hopped up Skyline [Stg 3 turbo, racing suspension, etc.] to Professional League > 4WD Challenge and school up on the other cars there [beat them by 35 seconds with 2 pit stops on sports tires] for an easy $30,000