[SLOTS OPEN] Révolution Renault Cup - 21/22 AOÛT {{ SAT 12am UK / SAT 9am Aus / FRI 7pm US East }}

Bonjour madames et monsoirs!!

Je vous invite à participer à la Renault Revolution Cup!

.... ahem. I uh, got a frog stuck in my throat there....

Welcome to the Renault Revolution Cup!

I'll be hosting a 4-Race, Sprint-Style event using the Midship Group 4 Renault Mégane RS Trophy '11 for the series. Alongside me to host will be @StigsTC and together we've finalised the following Format.

- TWO Tracks Per Week!
- TWO Races per Track!
- x1 Tyres and Fuel - 30% Starting Fuel!
- Racing Softs
- Tuning Enabled, but tryharding not required!
- TCS and ABS OFF (HAH just kidding- ON)
- ASM and CSA OFF (.... no, for real this time)
- Damage OFF
- Off-Surface Grip REAL
- Slipstream REAL
- Enjoyment Factor - REAL

Race Day Procedures and Format:
- Room opens 15 mins before Qualifying.
- Track 1 of the night is preset.
- Qualifying is a 5-minute or One Shot affair.
- Race 1 is 5 laps - track length dependant.

- Break before Race 2 commences for 5 mins.

- Race 2 is 10 laps - track length dependant.
- REVERSE GRID for Race 2.
- Lobby reset for Track 2, Race 1.

- 10 minutes of warm-up before rinse and repeat!

Car Choice and Specs:
Nissan Leaf-nah just kidding...

Renault Mégane Trophy '11
100% Power.
100% Weight.
100% Going to try and kill you, hence Tuning.

Points System:

Track List:
Dragon Trail Seaside.
Sardegna B.

St. Croix C.
Blue Moon A.

Tokyo South.

More Tracks to follow....
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hello!! I think I’ve got this right in thinking your racing at all of these tracks on the same night?? If so do you have a rough maximum event time??
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Sounds good, Sign me up as a reserve for the event on the 21st, I’m not certain I can make it. Hopefully I can make the next event 👍.