Small GT6 guide for more challenging races

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as we all know most of the races in Gran Turismo 6 are not really challenging, unless you are handicapping your car (low PP/harder tires).
I was not able to find a guide where i could look up tire settings for the career races, that provide a decent challenge on the one side but also give me the possibility to still win a race on the other...
I started a lot of testing and have now a good tire guideline to match the opponents speed (especially in the corners).

I measured the power in kw (kilowatt) in order to make it universally adoptable:

For FWD (FF) and RWD (FR) Streetcars only:

below 55 kw: Comfort Hard

55 kw to 147 kw: Comfort Medium

148 kw to 220 kw: Comfort Soft

221 kw to 367 kw: Sport Hard

368 kw and more: Sport Medium

For AWD Streetcars only:

below 75 kw: Comfort Hard

75 kw
to 170 kw: Comfort Medium

171 kw
to 294 kw: Comfort Soft

295 kw
to 404 kw: Sport Hard

405 kw
and more: Sport Medium

All Streetcars with a production date before 1979:

Tires shouldn't be grippier than Comfort Soft in order to keep the original character of the cars!

Beware that i did this testing with mainly stock streetcars only!
Racecars need tires that are at least one step below the maximum allowed in the competition.

For Arcade Mode/ Single Race Users:

Always go for infinite laps (that will avoid the AI slowing down in the last laps) and keep an eye on the time, so you can have your own 5 Minute, 10 Minute, 24h or whatever races ;)

If you want to keep track on your Arcade Mode miles, just go into the car settings after the race. They will be saved without deteriorating your car.

I know, all tire settings are highly subjective and are pretty much dependent on the drivers skill. Therefore they can and should be discussed. :)
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You're welcome. Glad i directed you to something unknown. As i fell in love with the driving physics of this game (and can't get my hands off it), i just have to get the most out of it. You just have to know how to use the huge sandbox that GT6 is. It's all really well hidden...:rolleyes:
The arcade infinite lap trick is not game breaking, but absolutely changing*: the grid is fine for a stock setup when the AI adapts to the pace (unless the race is stupid short). On inf. if you insist on a specific car stock, you may not be able to reach 1st place, no matter how many laps you do. Not sure whether there is a "fair grid" for most of them. You are also stuck with the tyres you have at the start, as pit is drive-through.

But on the upside, in such a case you can still have battles among the would-be runner-ups, perhaps breaking off after 15 minutes when you have picked up a few things.

If you accept adding water into the mix (grip loss to real), you can go both ways. If all the opponents have comfort tyres (press the replay icon and then square), you could buy sports or even racing tyres. Or with super cars, use comfort tyres, then you will beat them as long as you can control the car well enough or even adapt to a changing track surface.

** Findings based on Nordschleife, I haven't really explored the rest.
You're absolutely right, it can be a chore to find a field that is competitive and still gives you a chance to win. Even more when the cars are bone stock. As i tend to drive slower cars it gets even more difficult. But then i don't race to win but love to battle for 3rd or 4th place over half an hour... depends on what the player wants from the race. It's definitely easier to find winnable races in the higher classes.

Sidenote: I jumped to GT Sport in the last weeks and was really shocked that it is still (with some slower cars) nearly impossible to set up competitive races in offline mode against the AI... (besides one-make-cup-races) :irked:
Thanks, I think it's appalling though how much easier they made GT6 compared to 5. I picked arcade mode and professional difficulty on both, by the time I'm on my 2nd lap in GT6 I'm already in first or second place even If I make mistakes, in GT5 you have to keep a good racing line just to conquer a few positions.
That's true, the career in GT5 is much harder. But on the other side, there are few races in it (while there are none in GT6). But the hunt-the-rabbit-structure of GT6 makes some "races" more exiting, because with a much slower car than the opposition you often don't know if you can win it until the last lap. While in GT5 i'm sometimes overtaking the bunch in the first corner...