SNAIL-GReddy Z "No ABS" Drivers Challenge, Congratulations to our Season 1 Winner: Roman_GT23Finished 

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Series Coordinator and Director:
Race Event Director and Host: @Rob Brown

Season 1 Complete

See the Season 2 Thread

for more No ABS Racing Action
SNAIL - No ABS Driver's Challenge Season 2 - Sign Ups Open

Welcome to the
GReddy Fugu Z
"No ABS" Drivers Challenge presented by Snail.

For all the driving purists out there that want to try their braking prowess against other drivers without the help of ABS, this vintage styled series is for you. While GTSport is not the best representation of no abs braking, the car selected specifically for this series, the GReddy Fugu Z using the Sport Soft tire compound and its modern mechanical upgrades will definitely suprise you. As is the case with all my series, this series is intended to present a challenge in line with drivers of all skill levels. If you have read this far, are interested, and want a new challenge, see the details below.

***Season 1 Complete***
Season 1 Winner
Congratulations :cheers:

***Race Events will be bi-weekly on Monday nights 9pm est. ***

Car Specs
GReddy Fugu Z
Stock Spec 294hp/2425lbs (in game hp is 294 at stock setting)
Sport Soft tire compound
No tuning
Tire wear: 1x
Fuel consumption: 1x
No ABS and no other aids
**No dedicated flying lap Qualifying session**
Initial Starting Grid Placement Process
-Upon signing up, each driver's Kudosprime stats will be reviewed for Driver Rating (DR) and Speedscore and will be logged and displayed in the Drivers Roster Post.
-A starting grid list in the order from highest to lowest will be established for starting position of the first event.
-After the first event (or a drivers first raced event), fastest lap of previous event will be used. (In summary, a driver will be placed using DR, then Speedscore for first event, then placed using fast laps for each event thereafter unless a race is missed.)
-Any time a race event is missed, that driver will be placed behind all timed drivers based on his/her DR grouping, then Speedscore will be used if multiple drivers were absent. (This applies to Reserve drivers/newcomers/late sign ups as well)
-Attendance is rewarded by potentially affording a better starting position going into a next event.

Now that the initial placement process is established, the race night format is shown below.:

This series will be a 3 race format:
1.) Qualifying Sprint Race (Laps to=10+ minutes)
No points, just a race for final starting position
(^Grid Set by host in order based on stats, highest to lowest/Fastest to slowest.^)
2.) Points Race 1 (Laps to=20+ minutes)
(^^Grid based on Previous Results^^)
3.) Points Race 2 (Laps to=30+ minutes)
(^^^Grid Reversed based on Previous Results^^^)
8:45pm est: Room opens for warm up
8:55pm est: All drivers must in the Race room. The Race Director/Host will be manually setting the grid.
9:00pm est: Qualifying Sprint Race (Laps to equal 10+ min)
Race Director screenshots scores, saves replays, and sets grid based on previous results

9:15pm est: Points Race 1 (Laps to equal 20+ minutes)
Race Director screenshots scores, saves replays, and sets grid to Reversed based on previous results. Announce short break with a 9:40-9:45pm est Race 3 Start time

9:45pm est: Points Race 2 (Laps to equal 30+ minutes)
Race Director screenshots scores, saves replays, and concludes the race night.

Standard Lobby Settings
Basic Settings

Room Mode: Practice/Race
Room Privacy: Public *
Room Settings
Room Name: Snail-Fugu Z No ABS Drivers Challenge. Event #1-8, (Date), MEMBERS ONLY
Race Type: Race for Real
Fixed Room Ownership: No **
Max no of participants: 16
Required Sportsmanship Rating --
Required Sportsmanship Rating --
Track Settings
Track: As per Race Date
Select Condition: Default
Laps: laps to = 10, 20, or 30 minutes
Race Settings
Start Type: Grid Start
Grid Order: Qualifying Race: Set by Host, Points R1: based on prev results/ Points R2: Reverse Grid Based on Previous Results***
Boost: None
Slip Stream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tire Wear: 1x
Fuel Consumption: 1x
Initial Fuel: Default
Grip Red. On Wet Track / Track Edge: Real
Race Finish Delay: 120 sec
Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier: Default Qualifier Settings Time Limit: none
Qualifying Continuation Time: none
Tire Wear during Qualifying: N/A
Fuel Consumption Qualifying: N/A
Regulation Settings
Filter by Category: N300
Balance of Performance: Off
Power Limit: 294hp
Weight: 2304lbs min
Maximum Tire Rating: Sport Soft
Minimum Tire Rating: Sport Soft
Livery Restrictions: No Limit
Type of Racing Number: No Limit
Assign Car Number Automatically: None
Tuning: Prohibited
Kart Usage: Off
Ghosting During Race: None
Shortcut Penalty: None
Wall Collision Penalty: None
Wall Collision Detection: Default
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collission: Off Replace Car at Course Out: Off
Flag Rules: Off
Limit Driving Options
Countersteering Assist: Prohibited
Active Stability Management (ASM): Prohibited Driving Line Assist: Prohibited
Traction Control: Prohibited
ABS: Prohibited
Auto-Drive: Prohibited
Notes: * There seems to be a glitch that not all friends can find a Friends Only room ** Friends Only room only allows for Fixed Host. Special permission is required to set up a Fixed Host lobby *** In case manual lineup is required, there is and option to set grid manually.
1.) Autopolis International, (Feb. 1, 2021)
2.) Laguna Seca, (February 15, 2021)
3.) Brands Hatch GP (March 1, 2021)
4.) Nurburgring GP (March 15, 2021)
5.) Sardegna B-II (March 29, 2021)
6.) Dragon Trail Gardens (April 12, 2021)
7.) Fuji Speedway (April 26, 2021)
8.) Suzuka Circuit (May 10, 2021)
Points will be awarded for the final 2 races of each race night. Race 1 is simply a Qualifying race.
Each race will award points as shown:
  • 1st = 16 points
  • 2nd = 15 points
  • 3rd = 14 points
  • 4th = 13 points
  • 5th = 12 points
  • 6th = 11 points
  • 7th = 10 points
  • 8th = 9 points
  • 9th = 8 points
  • 10th = 7points
  • 11th = 6 points
  • 12th = 5 points
  • 13th = 4 points
  • 14th = 3 points
  • 15th = 2 points
  • 16th = 1 point
*No fast lap bonuses.
** 32 points total available

Any ties in overall points will be broken as follows:
1st: Highest finishing position of the night in 2 points races only (Qualifying Race is excluded)
2nd: Fastest post lap of entire event including Qualifying Race

6 Best Scoring Events are kept toward season total.
(2 drop scores)
For the Season opening Event #1, all drivers will start with the base vehicle weight of 2425lbs.
At the end of each event, success weight/ballast will be adjusted to be applied for the next event as follows:

For podium finishers of each event:
1st place Overall: +3% weight add
2nd place Overall: +2% weight add
3rd place Overall: +1% weight add
(Ballast to be added up to a +9% weight add.)
(**Any drivers with added weight ballast that place outside the top 5 will have -1% weight removed**)

For driver on the other side of the overall finishing order:
Any driver with an overall finish outside the top 10 (11th-16th) will recieve:
-1% weight reduction.
(Up to a -5% weight reduction)
(**Any drivers that have recieved a weight reduction and places on the podium for an event, weight ballast will be applied as shown above to your most recent weight.)

Changes will be reflected on each Event Scoring sheet, and tracked on a seperate chart for easy reference.
This chart is the % to Weight Legend for Referencing:

A Driver Weight Regulation chart will be displayed in the Drivers Roster post at the beginning of the thread updated after each event, and will be included in the Event Details Post and Confirmation Reminder Post.

**Drivers must be "Greened up" no later than 8:50pm est to have their weight verified.
The Race Director/Host (Rob Brown) will very all entries prior to starting the Race night.**

Please verify your weight before entering the room.
Success Ballast Feature Voting Post
Driver Priority:
First 16 drivers to sign up will be considered "Primary Drivers" for the series. They are guaranteed their entry for each event as long as they Confirm their race status by Sunday 5pm est prior to race night. Failure to confirm by the deadline will result in the spot being offered to any Reserves confirmed available. (If any spots are open after being offered to Reserves, a late confirming primary driver can re-enter for the event.
Confirmation Policy
All drivers will be tagged by the Monday before Race Night.
Primary Drivers: Required to confirm status, either way by 5pm est Sunday, to maintain their primary grid priority.
Reserve Drivers: Not Required to confirm, but bump in priority is given on a first to confirm available basis.

Drivers are encouraged and welcome to confirm their status at any time after a race event is complete up to the deadline.

Any driver who has confirmed attending, but must rescind their entry, must report in some way no later than 8:30pm est. Any No report/No shows will result in immediate forfeiture of the primary spot and be placed on the Reserve roster.

***Also, any Primary drivers who fail to confirm their status or communicate in some way before the race night is complete, or misses 3 consecutive events will forfeit their priority status and will be placed on the Reserve roster. The open spot will be awarded first based on most participation, and if equal among drivers, solicited to those drivers. First to reply among them will be awarded the vacated primary spot.***

Participation Policy
Any driver who is believed to have quit a race event prematurely without good reason will recieve an automatic 5 point penalty against their race night total. If you must leave, leave quietly, and message here in the thread what happened. If a disconnect, or a rage quit and then came back to senses, come back to the race room.
A spot is being held for the night for you to race with others drivers potentially being turned away. Let's be certain we get the most out of it.
This series will adhere and follow all SNAIL OLR, Policies and Guidelines

Filing a Penalty for Review
**Do not discuss incidents negatively in the race room**
Simply send myself, @llNovall (Lowercase L's) and @Rob Brown a pm with Race, lap, time, and a small description of incident(s) by the Thursday 5pm est after race night.
Snail Penalty Guidelines will be used for deciding fault and administering penalties if necessary.
SNAIL Penalty Guidelines
To sign up, post in this thread:
GTPlanet ID:
Driver Number:

I will review your DR Rating, and Kudosprime stats and place you accordingly.



-All cars must use either the stock RAYS wheels that came with the car in their original size, or the RAYS TE37V SL in stock size. (Same wheel, though the option wheel can be painted in the spokes only rather than whole rim)
-Numbers, place on upper front fender as shown, both sides in any color.
-Snail Spec Racing decal directly under side numbers.
-Motul decal behind front wheel both sides
-RAYS decal (your choice on color) in front of rear wheel.
-Michelin Man front corners
-Michelin decals rear corners as shown
-VP racing fuels rear corners as shown

-Number placed on rear left in same color as sides
-Snail Spec Racing Decal and your nationality flag on rear right decal on rear in slot. Any color.

-White Windshield banner with black lettering. decal on lower front valence as shown.

*All decals can be searched and found via this link:
Any problems, message me or Rob Brown.

Other than these requirements, the canvas is open within reason.

Please share your final rendered and finished livery in game so I can retrieve it for the driver profile page and spotters guide.
Share it using search tag: snailfuguz

Also, for any high roller drivers with a few expensive cars in the garage who are looking to fill their other 2 Monday nights of the month, @SydViscus is hosting and recruiting for an ARL Vintages Series- Debuts Jan. 11, 2021 Have a look.
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Driver Roster. (GTP ID/PSN ID)
1.) Rob Brown/ no1needs2perish
2.) racingchamp30/ RacingChamp30
3.) Phlano099/ Phlano_099
4.) Sydviscus/ Sydviscus
5.) DublDee/ DUB-L-DEE
6.) Stryker13/ DrSpyderPig
7.) Noob01_lmdead/ Rauljimenez76
8.) The Afterman/ Valkyria61
10.) CreAtlveManlAc/ CourageRising
12.) Roman_GT23/ Roman_GT23
13.) Marcus Garvey/ Marcus__Garvey
14.) Gunther0/Gunther_-_0
15.) Wolfsatz/Wolfsatz
16.) Gouletzky/VLX_Gouletzky

Reserve Drivers

(no specific order. Priority based on date/confirmed available for upcoming event)
Moby45/ Moby45
IceWarden/ Ice_Warden
GTP_Guido/ TPC_Guido

AngryEater/ AngryEater

Driver Weight Regulations
For Event #8, May 10th, 2021

Updated: 5/4/21, 9:13am est


Starting Grid Order Chart
For Event #8, May 10th, 2021

Updated: 5/4/21, 9:13am est

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GReddy Z Spotter guide main png.png

Driver Profile page

GTPlanet ID: Rob Brown
PSN ID: no1needs2perish
Driver Number: 66

GTPlanet ID: racingchamp30
PSN ID: RacingChamp30
Driver Number: 20

GTPlanet ID: Phlano099
PSN ID: Phlano_099
Driver Number: 99

GTPlanet ID: SydViscus
PSN ID: Sydviscus
Driver Number: 88

GTPlanet ID: DublDee
Driver Number: 44

GTPlanet ID: Stryker13
PSN ID: DrSpyderPig
Driver Number: 13

GTPlanet ID: Noob01_lmdead
PSN ID: Rauljimenez76
Driver Number: 12

GTPlanet ID: The Afterman
PSN ID: Valkyria61
Driver Number: 61

Driver Number: 32
Gran Turismo®SPORT_20210117222701.png

GTPlanet ID: CourageRising
PSN ID: CreAtlveManlAc
Number: 89

Number: 37

GTPlanet ID: Roman_GT23
PSN ID: Roman_GT23
Driver Number: 23

GTPlanet ID: Marcus Garvey
PSN ID: Marcus__Garvey
Driver Number: 79
Gran Turismo®SPORT_20210123100713.jpg

GTPlanet ID: Gunther0
PSN ID: Gunther_-_0
Driver Number: 50
Screenshot_20210327-094324_Samsung Internet.jpg

GTPlanet ID: Wolfsatz
PSN ID: Wolfsatz
Driver Number: ??
Picture to come

GTPlanet ID: Gouletzky
PSN ID: VLX_Gouletzky
Driver Number: 22
picture to come

Driver Number: 85

GTPlanet ID: IceWarden
PSN ID: Ice_Warden
Driver Number: 22

GTPlanet ID: llNovall
Driver Number: 4

GTPlanet ID: GTP_Guido
Driver Number: 69

GTPlanet ID: Moby45
PSN ID: Moby45
Driver Number: 45

GTPlanet ID: AngryEater
PSN ID: AngryEater
Driver Number: 46

GTPlanet ID: TEX36-(Retired from series)
Driver Number: 36
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Race Photos
None yet captured

Race Broadcasts
Rauljimenez76 Broadcasts
GTP_RACECAR Replay Broadcast links
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S.N.A.I.L. Driver - Retired from SIM Racing 8/2021
United States
Sweetwater, Tx
Confirming interest in, and commitment to participate.
Car Number requested: 36
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I would like my normal number 66. Please & thank you.

If you’ve read this far down the thread, consider yourself interested and sign up! The Fugu Z is fantastic without ABS. You may not even notice!
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