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United States
Bel Air, MD
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Pre-Race Drivers Briefing
Event #5
at Weathertech Raceway
Laguna Seca
January 7th, 2021

For Event #5, it's Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca. For many of us in the series, we're finally at our home track in the good ole' USA. A perennial site of the real world Porsche Challenges, we take them there tonight.
AS mentioned always, patience, minimal mistakes, and great lap consistency yields the best results.
Good luck to all drivers attending tonight's event.

Again, a reminder to all drivers to be patient, especially in the opening laps and busy race traffic. Hold your lines and observe your opponent's corner rights when in close battles. Lets continue to uphold the standards that Snail is best known for.
No specific areas of question.
2 wheels inside the white line on runoff areas, or on the red/white curbing at all times.
(Corners can be clipped aggressively, but keep it legal)
Screenshot_20220107-171511_Samsung Internet.jpg
Fuel should not become a factor for this event, but be mindful to adjust if necessary.

As a reminder to all drivers, please verify your weight, and apply any issued and required success ballast based on the chart HERE.

Also, drivers are reminded that this series implements a success ballast and class graduating structure. Be sure to secure as many points as you can, even if its towards the back side of the grid....They add up over the 2 races in the event night.
See Tab 2.3 in the first post if you haven't already for Success Ballast details.

Race Room opens for entry and warmup at 9pm est. Please verify you are on the correct tires and in the correct livery. All entries must be in before qualifying which is set to start at 9:15pm est.
(Primary Party Chat will be opened just before the room creation)

Please reply below or message me up to 9pm est if any Reserves would like to race. Livery will be sent to you.

Below is our grid for tonight:
👍= will be present
(X)= notified of absence
(?)= Questionable

@llNovall /II-NOVA-II (Platinum)
@Phlano099 /@Phlano_099 (Platinum) 3
@Roman_GT23 /Roman_GT23 (Platinum)
@MrDonovan /MrDonovan (Gold)
@Deal24 /fullerbunch (Gold) 2
@Yugofan /Yugofan (Platinum)
@Harry Rowley /Harry_Rowley_10 (Gold)
@Noob01_lmdead /rauljimenez76 (Platinum)
@IceWarden /Ice_Warden (Gold)
@LSGtheSkyChef / distant_crowd2 (Gold) 1
@socalnatv /Sand_68 (Platinum)
@fruitloop31 / fruitloop31 (Platinum)
@MikeGrove / (Platinum)
@JDMKING13 / jdmking13 (Gold)
@Fudman420 /Fudman420 (Gold)
1 @Trickybrewer/ Trickybrewer (Platinum)
2 @Xradkins/ Xrad-11 (Platinum)
3 @Kgffy / kgffty (Platinum)
4 @SydViscus / Sydviscus (Gold)
Available if needed:
5 @Rob Brown /no1needs2perish (Platinum)
(Rob was reported absent, forfeiting his spot for the night. In the event a spot does open up, he is next to bump back in)

Reserve Drivers (no specific priority order)
@aedenmaddok /aedonmaddok (Gold)
@Kermit_2142 /Kermit_2142 (Platinum)
@Moby45 /Moby45 (Platinum)

Any additional Reserves or Snail members that are available, please reply if interested in Racing tonight.
Lets have a clean and competitive race night typical of our Snail standards, and good luck to all drivers on the grid for Event#5.
United States
Bel Air, MD
@MikeGrove of the Moorespeed team was confirmed and went MIA on the race night. Therefore, he forfeits the primary roster spot.

The first Reserve driver tagged below to post acceptance of this roster spot will be awarded the a primary entry which guarantees their entry for remaining event and a dedicated livery.

Clock starts now.

@Trickybrewer/ Trickybrewer (Platinum)
@aedenmaddok /aedonmaddok (Gold)
@Kermit_2142 /Kermit_2142 (Platinum)
@Moby45 /Moby45 (Platinum)
@Rotary_Pilot /Rotary_pilot13 (Gold) out til April
@Xradkins/ Xrad-11 (Platinum)
@Kgffy / kgffty (Platinum)
United States
Bel Air, MD

Post Race Report
Event #5
at Laguna Seca
January 7th, 2021
Laguna Seca made heros out of some and zeros out of others....I fell unto the latter, while @fruitloop31 was the pinnacle of success for this event. Event sweep on the night....a drive from 3rd to 1st in Race 1, and then an epic run in the reverse grid race from 16th to 1st in Race 2. Many battles raged across the field...too many to mention. Have a look at the replays at the links provided, or the replay broadcasts (when they're posted) to catch all the action.

For me, it was a tough night with luck, but a good effort to salvage the event. In the Race 1 effort...I tried everything to keep pace with @MrDonovan and @Roman_GT23 early, but then had Raul close on my tail and had to refocus my attention on defending what I had. Unfortunately, I blew the braking marker into turn 1 and beached it taking me from 6th, maybe 7th, back to 11th. Wasn't a lost effort as I managed to fight my way back up to 8th, and was challenging for 7th at the finish line....Great race none the less.

Race 2...ugh. Early in Race 2, Rob Brown spun coming out of the corkscrew on the second lap. 2 drivers cleared him on both sides, and then kg and I both dove to the inside and managed to avoid him, but in my attempt to leave a little extra room for kg's correction, I nipped the dusty edge of the track which unsettled the car and ultimately in my attempt to catch it sent me into a full spin and into last place. From there it was a recovery drive, that did yield a respectable 9th place finish considering. Was a tough one and was hoping for a better result on the night, but could've been worse and afforded some great racing. Amazing how hard I had to race for an 8th and 9th place finish. Just a nod to how tightly grouped this grid is. Great racing everyone.
Have a look at the replay broadcasts to get a better look at the action and to catch the many battles that this event and track awarded. And please, feel free to share your battles and perspectives if you'd like.

Congratulations to our Event #5 Winner
and our top 3 overall:
1ST: @fruitloop31
3RD: @SydViscus

Ballast adjustments have been posted. A 3% weight ballast was added for our winner, capping him at the 4% max, 2% weight ballast add for 2nd place, and 1% add for 3rd place.

Event #5 Replay Broadcasts
Race 1
In processing

Race 2
In processing
For Actual Replays, use in game search tag:

Roster Changes:

@Trickybrewer has accepted the primary grid spot vacated by MikeGrove (No Report/No show) of the Moorespeed team. A new dedicated livery will be rendered for him. He will be teamed up with @Noob01_lmdead /rauljimenez76 for the remainder of the season. Spotters guide and drivers profile page will be updated shortly.

As always, Great Racing to all Drivers who attended Event #5 and looking forward to our next race event at Sainte Croix-B :cheers:
Next Event:
Event #6 at
Circuit de Sainte Croix-B
Condition: TBD
on Friday, January 28th, 9pm est.

Drivers are welcomed and encouraged to confirm attendance/availability anytime.
Race event details and confirmation reminder posts to come over the next week.

See some of you in practice sessions, and the rest of you this Friday for the Michelin Cup Races.