SNAIL-Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge (Season 3): Event #6 at Sainte Croix-B, Friday 1/28/22, 9pm estOpen 

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Tonight's Event #3
(Friday, 10/8/21)
at Kyoto DP Y+M

has been POSTPONED
to the next Porsche Event
Date: 11/5/21

Based on the voting results from THIS POST:
5 drivers voted to postpone

No replies to run event as scheduled

Therefore, we are postponing tonight's Event #3 at Kyoto DP Y+M.

Event #3 make up date to be scheduled at the end of the Season.

@Yugofan Is planning to host an exhibition room tonight for those still wanting to race. Yugofan, feel free to use this thread and Driver tag list to organize.

Next Porsche Cup Event:
Event #3
November 5th, 2021
Track: Kyoto Driving Park Y+M
Conditions: 5:00 Clear

See some of you on Friday, Oct 22nd for Event #4 of the Michelin Gr4 Cup Challenge and the rest of you hopefully on November 5th.

@llNovall /II-NOVA-II (Platinum)
@Phlano099 /@Phlano_099 (Platinum)
@Roman_GT23 /Roman_GT23 (Platinum)
@MrDonovan /MrDonovan (Gold)
@Deal24 /fullerbunch (Gold)
@Yugofan /Yugofan (Platinum)
@Harry Rowley /Harry_Rowley_10 (Gold)
@Noob01_lmdead /rauljimenez76 (Gold)
@IceWarden /Ice_Warden (Gold)
@LSGtheSkyChef / distant_crowd2 (Gold)
@socalnatv /Sand_68 (Platinum)
@Clean Racer /GentlemanRacing (Gold)
@fruitloop31 / fruitloop31 (Platinum)
@MikeGrove / (Platinum)
@JDMKING13 / jdmking13 (Gold)
Reserve Drivers (no specific priority order)
@Fudman420 /Fudman420 (Gold)
@aedenmaddok /aedonmaddok (Gold)
@GTP_Guido /TPC_Guido (Gold)
@Kermit_2142 /Kermit_2142 (Platinum)
@Rob Brown /no1needs2perish (Platinum)
@Stryker13 /DrSpyderPig (Platinum)
@Moby45 /Moby45 (Platinum)
@Bambi / GTP_Bambi (Platinum)
@Bologna_Duc / Bologna_Duc (Platinum)
@Rotary_Pilot /Rotary_pilot13 (Gold)
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Vote 2.
Mainly because NOVA should be able to race in his own series, but also because I don’t like the thought of having Phlano in charge.

Also…I’m in for whatever event yugo decides to put on instead.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
There will be racing this evening. Yugo is too slow to get the details out?! 🤣

Room will open at 8pm! For those that are ready? We’ll see you later!

Hope you can join us…..
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And here was today's action. If you have a chance, watch the last 15 minutes of the Michelin Pilot Challenge...Great racing and attack by Bill Auberlin in the No. 95 Turner BMW. Had an awesome experience chatting and just talking cars for about 20 minutes. Awesome guy and such a great talent to watch.
Enjoy fellas.

Parade laps that were a bit faster than we expected to be allowed in my buddy's BMW.

And proof we did rough it a bit, but had a great time. My Camaro and best friends E46. 5 1/2 hour trip home tomorrow.
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Rather than moving Event #3 to the end of the Season, we will be pushing all events back to stay on track and to make good on all the practice efforts that had been put in for this event.

Event #3 at
Kyoto Driving Park-Y+M
5:00 Clear
on Friday, November 5th, 2021
9pm est

A new confirmation Post will be up after our next Michelin event. Thanks for everyone's patience and cooperation.
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S3 Porsche GT3 Cup Spotter SVG file main primary roster-1~2.png

Snail Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge
Event #3
at Kyoto Driving Park-Y+M
Friday, November 5th, 2021
at 9:00pm est

Make Up Date
Confirmation Reminder Post.

Please confirm your status by posting here in the thread or via PSN message that you "will" or "will not" be racing by 5pm Thursday (day before race night) to secure your grid spot and/or to adhere to the absentee policy.
Below are links for easy reference for policies, procedures, and series information for anyone who needs them.

1st Post of Thread (All series information can be found here)

Confirmation and Absentee Policy

Reserve Driver Process and Information

Be sure to check your specs:
Next Event Ballast and Weight Chart

Event #3 Details Post

A reminder to the Reserve Drivers:
-open/available grid spot priority on race night is given to the Reserve drivers who confirm their availability first. Whether you confirmed early, or after the Confirmation Reminder Post is posted, your confirmation of availability date and time will be referenced for priority on race night. Confirm early to give you the best chances to race if abcense(s) occurs.

1 primary grid/roster spot is open and available if anyone is interested. See the bottom of this post for details.

Anyone with a 👍 has been confirmed and noted to be present for Friday, October 8th. Everyone else, please confirm, here in the thread or via PSN message, that you "will" or "will not" make it no later than 5pm est Thursday (day before race night)
Please reply either way

Looking forward to our next race at:
See Above^^^
<<(Link has all Race Night Information to set up for practice.) See you all on track.:cheers:

👍= will be present
(X)= notified of absence
(?)= Questionable

Primary Drivers List (16)
👍 @llNovall /II-NOVA-II (Platinum)
👍 @Phlano099 /@Phlano_099 (Platinum)
👍 @Roman_GT23 /Roman_GT23 (Platinum)
(X) @MrDonovan /MrDonovan (Gold) (2nd absent)
(X) @Deal24 /fullerbunch (Gold) (1st Absent)
👍 @Yugofan /Yugofan (Platinum)
👍 @Harry Rowley /Harry_Rowley_10 (Gold)
👍 @Noob01_lmdead /rauljimenez76 (Gold)
(?) @IceWarden /Ice_Warden (Gold)
👍 @LSGtheSkyChef / distant_crowd2 (Gold)
👍 @socalnatv /Sand_68 (Platinum)
👍 @Clean Racer /GentlemanRacing (Gold)
👍 @fruitloop31 / fruitloop31 (Platinum)
👍 @MikeGrove / (Platinum)
👍 @JDMKING13 / jdmking13 (Gold)
👍 @Rob Brown /no1needs2perish (Platinum)
Reserve Drivers (no specific priority order)
👍 @Fudman420 /Fudman420 (Gold) (1st R)
@aedenmaddok /aedonmaddok (Gold)
@GTP_Guido /TPC_Guido (Gold)
(X) @Kermit_2142 /Kermit_2142 (Platinum)
@Stryker13 /DrSpyderPig (Platinum)
@Moby45 /Moby45 (Platinum)
(X) @Bambi / GTP_Bambi (Platinum)
@Bologna_Duc / Bologna_Duc (Platinum)
(?) @Rotary_Pilot /Rotary_pilot13 (Gold)

So far, 2 Reserve drivers are needed for this event. Please confirm if available to race.

I plan to have a few late afternoon practices this week and next after work...between 4-5pm est.. Hope to see some of you then.
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