SNNT Racing League (Sunday Night Nascar Tour)Open 

Pop Shoppe's Creamy Events present...

SNNT: Sunday Night Nascar Tour
(name changed from Saturday to Sunday)

Club Name: Pop Shoppe's Creamy Events
Club ID: 1074158
Club is Public
''includes a Sunday Nascar racing Serie (SNNT) and various car brand events''

I am happy to announce that SNNT will make its first event on Sunday the 19th of June!
Here are the official rules:
  • SNNT serie races will always be on Sunday's
  • Race Start time: 20:00pm Est (8pm Eastern)
  • No calling order for lobbies
  • Yellow Flag = Callout via Mic or type ''C'' in Chat
Here are car rules that will follow for the rest of this summer's season:
  • No tuning allowed
  • RH/RH for official races
  • Any Nascar is accepted
A Website is on its way, it will have the full schedule and driver points. Link to website will be posted here when ready.

Website (Under Construction)