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I installed the 1967 version of the track and it took about one minute to load. It looked like the "Miscellaneous" portion of the loading took the longest time.

I saw a "persistent haybale issue" where haybales in the track stay there for following laps, which is obviously going to be an issue during a multi-lap race. I saved that session as a replay and saw the error below when getting back to Content Manager. Then I loaded up the replay, took a screenshot of the persistent haybales, then tried to exit from the replay and my entire system hung. Not just AC, but everything including Task Manager. I had to restart my system. :indiff: Really disappointing.


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The problem is that AC is limited to moving objects and haybales together with the cones are almost 400. You can go in Race Department and download the last version 1.3 which gives the option of solitude_low where the moving objects are less than 100. In any case just for a try reduce the replay time in CM to a minimum and see what happens.