Some thoughts on the FIA Championships rulesets, and other regulations in general.

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At first, I had wondered if the manufacturer series should potentially expand beyond Gr.3 & Gr.4, but I realized that most of the cars in those two groups are much more similar to each other than in Gr.1, and potentially Gr.B. For example, if there were a manufacturer series at Le Mans, you'd be at an egregious disadvantage unless you potentially signed with Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Mazda, or Jaguar. On the contrary, Gr.3 includes the made-for-game race cars, FIA GT3 racers, GTE, and Super GT300 cars, the last of which races alongside GT3 cars anyway. Despite there being four groups represented in Gr.3, I'd argue that the cars collectively originate from a much smaller period in time, whereas Gr.1 goes from the late 1980s potentially to 2025. That said, I still enjoy the diverse range of cars, and I think a way to alleviate the reservations that some may have would be to form more specific regulation for Gr.1 events, such as limiting things to the Group C cars, or to the VGTs, etc.

Similarly, Gr.B has modern-day made-for-game race cars, but also a mid-80s Pikes Peak Audi Quattro, and I'd imagine many of the real-world Group B cars from prior GT games will end up in Gr.B, too - especially for automakers not yet represented in Gr.B, such as Peugeot and Renault. I speculate that Gr.2 could end up in a similar state as Gr.1 and Gr.B, especially since we're still not entirely sure how Gr.2 is defined beyond Super GT GT500 cars - if at all.

I am curious about Gr.4, though - why do you suppose there aren't really any real-world GT4 cars in this class beyond the Audi, the Porsche and the Renault? I'm not entirely sure if it's licensing, given that one would think it'd just need PD to speak with the FIA. But when examining a listing of real-world GT4 cars, there does seem to be a lot of overlap with the cars currently in Gr.4.

One last idea I had was regarding the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept. I think a lot of us can agree that it shouldn't be in the N-series. But I'm not 100% sure if it should be essentially banned to Gr.X, either. I could see it being a potentially decent fit for Gr.4. After all, we've already seen the Gazoo Supra Racing Concept get added to Gr.3.