Someone w/ SharkPort, TV Capture Card, and some extra time... (please :) )

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by MatMan5959, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. MatMan5959


    I know that no one will really feel like doing this, but if you think it sounds cool, and have some extra time on your hands to mess around, could someone pretty please take a Toyota Castrol Tom's Supra, put some light green (neon looking) paint from the Lotus Motorsport Elise on it, lower it to 25-35mm, put some Aston Martin Vanquish rims on it, and take some high-res snapshots of it for me (I assume it isn't any harder to take high-res than low-res, just takes annoys people looking through the threads and takes longer so people don't post them much) for me.

    Also, if putting regular paint onto the Tom's Supra freezes it, try the regular Supra or the Denso Sard (but I don't think it'll look as good).

    Or, if you think it'd look better try the Pearlescent (sp?) Blue or Reflex Purple off the Tuscans.