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  1. Schumy


    i have a question regarding soundcards for anybody with some expertice existing soundcard is called SoundMAX Digital Audio .... it's no big deal and i know little about it except that it has a mono to stereo output (pretty basic) .......anyways i have my pc connected to my Marantz stereo receiver as of right now ...... i will be puchasing a Dolby digital receiver though which will have optical and coaxial inputs ...... i need a soundcard that would have an optical or coaxial output in order to properly benefit from the DVD player in my pc and also for a clearer signal with regular stereo sources (ex. mp3 files) .....which soundcards would meet my requirements and what kind of price would i be looking at ......something to compliment my $210 Cdn. video card
    ....any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. LoudMusic


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    I believe the SoundBlaster Live! Audigy Platinum would be what you're looking for.

    About the right price, and it has optical in/out. SoundBlaster is the best 'home computer' sound card on the market.

    "Front Panel Internal Audigy Drive - Comprehensive connectors including Optical I/O, SPDIF I/O, MIDI I/O, AUX-IN, Mic IN and SB1394 provide extensive connectivity to digital and analog, PC and CE devices."

    You won't find one with an optical connector on the back, it's not really possible in that small of a space.

  3. Schumy


    thanks Loud ....i'll have a look at that site it's internal and the outputs are located at the front ..... that's kind of weird ....i don't see why there isn't enough room at the back but it doesn't really matter anyways as long as it has optical ...... what's the Audigy Platinum cost?