space boy cover (Initial D 20th anniversary 1998 - 2018)Music 

United Kingdom
London, UK
Here’s Man On The Internet cover of space boy to celebrate 20 years of Initial D anime and produced by myself (mynameissport).

Link to view / watch video below -

Originally released in 1998, this Japanese street racing series had an enduring effect thanks to its mountain touge races, Toyota AE86 appeal, superb Eurobeat music, unique characters and became a popular dank and drift meme source.

Wanted to acknowledge the series by picking one of my favourite eurobeat songs. Originally sung by Dave Rogers, song was used in First Stage 1 The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift when Takumi is drifting down Mount Akina in his AE86.

This is my last produced project for 2018. Comments and feedback are welcome. And feel free to support the project and channel if you like it overall and check out my Youtube page for more content.


Vocals: Man On The Internet -
Audio Mixing: Caroline Gordon -
Instrumental: Farpras -
Toyota AE86 fanart: YasidDESIGN -
Producer: mynameissport -