Speed Need, The: Wanted Review

This is a Important Public Service News Announcement from the People's Republic: Stop playing Video Games.

Video Games are a form of interactive electronic entertainment that is designed for distraction and time washing, preventing people from being productive and useful. Video Games have always been infamous for various, well-documented facts, statistics, surveys and research groups dedicated to exposing the crime spikes and increases in violence thanks to Video Games.
Because of this, the Republic has mandated everyone be participants in the Social Credit System. Every single Video Game purchase or Video Game related purchase, or playing any Video Games or watching Television, will reduce Social Credit Score, leading to stripping of High Education Priviledges, confiscation of any Animals, Addition to Public Apps, Wall of Shame inclusions, lower Hospital priority, among other punishments.

Today, I, People's Republic Member Fong Wongdong, will be investigating one of the most ''celebrated'' Video Games that is also the cause of increased Car related crimes: Need for Speed: The Most Wanted.
Now remember, I have not played the game, and will not play the game ever. Various regulations and laws have been put in place to punish anyone who plays Video Games, as previous mentions in Social Credit.

For Need Speed: Most the Wanted involves the Player needing to terrorize the civilians of Rockpod City using various, Brand-endorsed vehicles like Toyta, Hond, Maza, Lambkini, Fat, and others like Ferrarri. In the game, said Player is encouraged to crash the game into Traffic, as well as other Street Racings that violate the Laws intending on ensuring safety and compliance among the Population. Along this way, the Player is ''pulled over'' by Sargeant Christ, who grinds his keys onto the Player's Car, which is not included in the Game ''play'' itself. On him are are other Cops inside Kevin Cruises, intending on Arresting the Player.

Despite the inclusion of Cops being a huge positives on punishing Players, the whole system feels an afterthought. Cops were obviously put in at the last minute of protection to make the Video Game feel like the ideal experience, which isn't. The same goes for every other Video Game, so this criticism is not unique for this Video Game. Incidentally, this inclusion of Cops was implemented, quite frankly, poorly. Cops don't patrol around the city and just ''spawn'' in Rockpod without any signage, making it impossible to drive cleanly because your Car will be identified as Illegal the moment Cops see you, which is understandable.
Pursuits are poor, either. Instead of rewarding the Player for turning them in, they is rewarded for encouraging Police Brutality. This is considered heavy Harrassment of Authority Figures, a highly shameful Offense. Upon being Arrested, all of the Video Game's Data is instantly deleted. The Player must start all over from the beginning upon Arrest, and when Arrested, the Player's Face is a black bar, making it extra difficult for Players to see themselves in their future. This further disconnects Players from the Reality, and the Player's Head should be plain and full to see for everyone who dares Watch Television. Revealing Arrested Faces has been known to decrease Crime Rates.

The graphics are unrealistic. The Sky is just a tangerine dome, the sky doesn't move, the buildings are too flat, the street just jolts for corners rather than being smooth like Shanghai, the Traffic doesn't show their Drivers, and buildings can be Destroyed, encouraging Vandalism, Riots and Harm in Players who will copycat, imitate and recreate the activities displayed in this disgusting product. Unfitting for this, there is the Music Album, which contains more harmful names like ''City of Evil'', and that song that goes that ''Meeeooow'' after 15 seconds of Garage Time, a Feature that overglorifies Cars and the Terrorism associated with Cars. The Customization of Kit Bodies, Paintings, Heels and Scoops makes Players develop Bonds with their Illegally owned Vehicles, making it easier to shrink and weaken Morality and Decency in the Brain.

For decades Cars have been harming and ending the lives of millions of innocent Citizens every year, and thankfully, this is being resolved by Cars being phased out in favor of Cheap, Public Transport, Automatic, And self-driver Carcs. This Video Game has been made outdated since it is release in 2006, 14 October, and because of it, the odds of Crime Rate Increases are slimmed down.

However, this is not a thing that can save a Video Game, or any Racing Video Game. Need for the Speed: Wanted the Most is Armed & Dangerous, and should be kept away from any impressionable Minors, especially on Curfew. This Video Game's only existence serves to encourage Crimes and destablize the Climate of the glorious Country, ruining potential lives for Millions of citizens. Cars will not be tolerated as Vehicles of Terrorism. The portrayal of Cops is also poor in this Video Game, which paints the improper impression in Players and makes them not scare themselves of Cops, thereby making Crimes easier to commit. The mere idea that such a Traitorous title was produced by human beings is a disgrace to the very concept of being a productive member of society, and the existence of this untrustworyhy name should be disowned.

Remember, if you play Video Games like this, you will commit violent crimes in the future. To prevent ****, we have various Video Gamer Addiction Camps for you to book yourself into, should you suspect yourself of suffering video gamer addiction, even with medicine from your Social Credit Score. I leave you with the quote spoken by the Dispatch upon Player Arrest, and clearly hope you will learn a lesson from reading this presentation: ''All units, Suspect has been Apprehended on Magnum City Interchange 203 at 14:06 Hours, and is awaiting Execution.''

P.S: April Fools!