Speed tuning based on 1000m

Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by sucahyo, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. sucahyo


    On 1000m/400m drag I found these:
    • using harder spring rate give faster time
    • using higher ride height give faster time, but using min height for front and max height for rear give even faster time
    • using higher damper give insignificantly slower time
    • using more camber give significantly slower time, more when using it on wheel where the power deliver
    • stabilizer setting do not effect time
    • toe setting have very small effect on time
    • more downforce give slower time
    • lower grade clutch give slower time
    • lower grade flywheel give slower time
    • lower grade drivetrain give slower time
    • LSD do not effect time
    • lower final drive give faster time on car that have smooth acceleration (non race car, non skyline, same gear ratio, different 1st..5th gear value, ie. auto 10 on 2.5 is faster than auto 10 on 5.5)
    • gear config:
      have faster 400-1000 time than standard (same 0-1000, slower 0-400) for car with highest power on highest rpm

    My thought about car cornering:
    • harder spring give me better cornering, and better screetching sound (screetch..screetch..screetch.. vs scree..e..e..e..etch)
    • higher ride height give slower steering response, ie. when you turn, it will turn more after few miliseconds.
    • 2.0/-2.0 toe will make the car more oversteer, -2.0/2.0 will make the car more understeer
    • 12.0/0.0 camber will make the car understeer, 0.0/10.0 camber will make the car oversteer
    • LSD can stabilize car cornering
    • low damper bound will make the car less jumpy (ie. spinning on bump), using only damper rebound is enough to reduce bouncing
    • 7.0/7.0 stabilizer make the car more stable

    Because I think car tuning is individual taste, its up to you to decide which is applicable to your car on some track. But if your car is hoppy, use 1.0/1.0 damper bound, and try with default damper rebound first. Don't reduce you spring rate for it. Even with 20.0/20.0 spring rate light weight car is drivable on rally course if using low damper bound .