Speedos, gearing and accuracies

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  1. Samster


    Hi All,

    Waited patiently for this title to reach UK shores, and having been a biker all my life I'm not dissapointed! Quite simply THE finest bike simulation yet, yes I know the acceleration from standstill is lame, and the 'traction control' is pants, but aside from these little gripes it's stunning. Just wish I had more free time to play..........

    Few observations / questions:

    Every bike I've owned has had speedo's that exaggerate speed by around +8%, especially modern Honda's which are inaccurate as much as +10% - i.e. if you're hammering along at an indicated 170mph, you're only really doing 153mph! I've verified this with both GPS and on timed speed runs. Do you think that this is the case in TT?

    Also, in real life if you go up or down a tooth or two on your front or rear sprocket you end up with an even more totally screwed speedo read out as most are driven from the gearbox. Anybody know how the speed is calculated in TT?

    Something else, due to the profile of a bike's rear tyre, in real life if I hold a bike at a constant say 9000 rpm on a straight and then crank it on it's ear through a bend, the revs will increase by 200-500 with absolutely no change at all to the throttle position...........this is because when you're banked over you are running on a section of tyre with far less circumference that when your straight and on the centre section of rubber. It's something you have to think about on track, because by the time you get on the gas in the bend you may be on the rev limiter........... I don't think the programmers of TT have taken this into account which is a shame when they've put so much setail into every other aspect of the game.

    Catch you all around.............Samster
  2. The Uncreated

    The Uncreated

    Something someone else mentioned in another forum as well is the fact bikes don't stand up in the game when the front brake is applied mid-turn as they do in real life. Seems to do it during engine braking, but not hand braking.

  3. ImprezaAddict


    Im a bit confused.

    Speed is exagerated for some reason but its still cool.

    The last 2 I understood quite little or nothing.
  4. Samster


    The Uncreated - I haven't really noticed the bikes not standing up yet, haven't really had any time to play much yet. You don't want to be going near the front stopper in a bend, trailing the rear should help you tighten a line, unless of course you've gone in well hot! LOL.

    Imprezza Addict - I'll try to explain it clearer. Look at a bike from the rear, the tyre's profile is curved, unlike a car's which is flat - it needs to be like this so that the same amount of rubber is in contact with the road when in a straight line as when banked right over. On a car the entire width of the tyre is in contact with the road at all times, not so on a bike - a bikes rear contact patch is no bigger than the palm of your hand.

    The circumference of the tyre at the edges is a lot less than the circumference at the centre section - so at a set speed, say 70mph, the bike's revs will be higher when leant right over on the edge of the tyre than when going along a straight on the centre section of the tyre.

    Does that help?
  5. JJonth


    I notice that all the bikes gear boxes are too widely spaced. 1st gear on average is like 50mph on a 1000 RM bike?? I know most road going 1000s will do 100mph or more in 1st gear. 1st gears on bikes are very tall and from there on ever gear is quite closely spaced. I know my RS125 Honda does 60mph in 1st gear! (with the front in the air!) The TZ125 in TT does like 35 in 1st or sommet.

    I have noticed that when you apply the front brake mid turn the bike will stand up a bit more. I dont have a problem with this, MotoGP4 just used to slide the front instead and you went sliding on your bum, which is probably more realistic as it is really easy to loose the front under braking into a corner in real life. But TT kinda does the correcting bit for you I.E standing the bike up a bit more upright so the front will not slide away. Ive already explained about the back brake and why many people never use it in real life (like me!)

    One thing that kinda bugs me is the way the rider doesn't tuck his toes back on the footpeg. When Entering a corner (you will see every racer do this) I put my foot back on the pegs so its the ball of your foot and not the heel. It just looks so wierd when you watch the replays and he's digging his toes into the corner. It saves your boots too!!

    Under braking I never see the forks dive and also mid corner the suspension remains at its tallest travel (like its unsprung). There is a fair ammount of G force pushing down on the bike when it is cornering and the suspension does compress a fair ammount just carrying corner speed. I never see this in TT. In MotoGP4 (PS2) it is present, the suspension will dive under braking and will remain partly compressed mid corner. I only see the suspension move under bumps in TT.