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X2014 Junior Championship

Welcome to the X2014 Championship hosted by SRC, a Spec Racing Series with tightly controlled "BOP" regulations and tuning to make close fun endurance racing. To join the Series post your Username and Racing number Below or follow the above links.
Car - X2014 Junior Championship
Bop - ON
Grid Start - Fastest First
Boost - Off
Slipstream - Real
Visible Damage - On
Mechanical Damage - Light
Tyre Wear - x5
Fuel Consumption - x0
Grip Reduction -Real
Nitrous - Cannot Be Fitted
Race Finish Delay - 180 Sec

Shortcut Penalty - Weak
Wall Collision Penalty - None
Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision - Off
Car Collision Penalty - Weak
Pitlane Line Cutting Penalty - On
Ghosting - Off
Flag Rules On

All Aids - Off
ABS Default
Driving Line Assist - No Limit

Minimum 1 Pitstop - Racing soft, as well as racing medium tires, can be used in the race, you may start on the either tire but must change to the other at least once during the race.

Qualifying - 6 Laps in the practice lobby
Race - 30m Endurance

Once you have purchased the car, place a preferred livery on it however it must not be obscene or explicit.
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United Kingdom
Racing Etiquette That all drivers must follow

We follow the GTP Online Racing Rules (OLR)

Here are a few items of note, follow the link above for details.

05: Rules Governing Car Contact:


Contacts and collisions must be avoided at all costs.

Pushing other cars in turns or pushing them off the track is strictly prohibited.

Leaning on other cars is strictly prohibited in any situation.

10: Defensive Driving:

Leading cars have the right to choose their own line down a straight. They can change their racing line once while driving down a straight (Move from the outside line to the inside, or vice versa). As they approach the next corner, they can return to the racing line of their choice However, they're not allowed to change their line when the behind driver is directly behind and changes his line to try and make a pass. If your movement causes an accident, you're responsible.

Leading cars have the right to take their line of choice through corners. I.e. they may drive a defensive line around the inside of a corner to protect their position, thereby forcing an attacking driver to try to pass around the outside. This is not blocking and is part of normal racing etiquette. In fact, apart from the restrictions of rule 10:A, a leading driver can drive any line which they feel is the most inconvenient for any following car to try to pass them.

Drivers that are about to get lapped have to make sure not to interfere with the lapping cars. Slow down on the straights on either side of the track or maintain the outside line during cornering. If for whatever reason you happen to be on the inside line when being overtaken, stay on the inside line until all drivers that were about to lap you have passed. You are not allowed to deliberately block the lapping cars.

08: Corner Rights:


When approaching the turn/apex of turn, the car which "holds" the inner side of turn has entrance-advantage and other driver(s) must refrain from endangering him by his actions.

You must establish substantial overlap with the car ahead before they reach the corner's turn-in point to have the right to drive up their inside, or to expect them to leave inside room for you. At least the front of your car should be up to the driver's position in the ahead car. The ahead driver has the right to be fully committed to the racing line of their choice without any interference if there was no substantial overlap before he turned in.

If sufficient overlap is established before the turn-in point, then the behind driver has the right to sufficient side room. The ahead driver must also leave sufficient side room for the behind driver. This means that each driver has a right to their respective "line", or side of the track, right up to the exit point. Neither driver should squeeze the other toward the inside or outside of the corner during the apex or exit.

If an ahead driver has clearly made an error to warrant a passing move, a behind driver may attack their position, with due caution and care, regardless of whether there was any pre-existing overlap. However, the overtaking driver must still avoid contact. Small errors by the ahead driver may not justify a passing move. The ahead driver getting a bit out of shape at times doesn't give you an automatic right to pass. You still have to judge if their error allows for a safe pass to take place.