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Turn One x NES - Formula GT Championship

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Registrations have closed. Follow this thread for more updates!

The Turn One x NES Formula GT championship is a 10-race online championship held on Gran Turismo Sport (PS4/5), using the Super Formula cars in a variety of in-game circuits.

1.1: All drivers need to register before registrations close on 21 November 2021.

1.2: Registration is carried out either by a reply to this thread, or via a Discord DM to user Emilius73#0920.

1.3: The following information needs to be provided:
  • Driver’s PSN username
  • Country of origin
  • Name of team
  • Engine supplier choice
  • Driver number
    • Numbers 2 to 99 and 0 are available for use.

1.4: Up to 16 drivers may enter in total.

1.5: A team can enter up to 2 drivers.

1.6: A single organization can only enter two teams.
“A” and “B” teams are allowed. However, “C” teams are not.

2.1: The following cars are available for use:
  • Dallara SF19 Super Formula Honda ‘19
  • Dallara SF19 Super Formula Toyota ‘19

2.2: All cars must run 100% power and a 115% minimum weight (with the exception of oval rounds, see Section 5 for more). A “success ballast” system applies to drivers finishing in the top 5 in a race. See Section 6 for more.

2.3: Car tuning is allowed.

2.4: Hard, Medium and Soft tires are used during the race. Super Soft tires are an additional tire option in qualifying.

2.5: Drivers must use at least two tire compounds for at least one full lap each.
Note: A “full lap” is defined as a lap from the start/finish line to the start/finish line. This does not include exiting the pits and immediately entering them again.
Note: This rule DOES NOT apply in oval races.

3.1: The following lobby settings are used.

Race length: 200km
Qualifying: A two-stage elimination qualifying is used. In Q1, the bottom half of the grid is set, while the top half advance to Q2.
Start type: Standing start, with false start check
Tire wear: 4x
Fuel consumption: 2x (disabled in qualifying)
Tire selection: RH, RM, RS (RSS will be available for use in qualifying)
Damage: Full (heavy mechanical, visual enabled)
Corner cutting penalties: Weak
Tuning on
Boost off
Other penalties off
Flag rules on
Slipstream strength: Real
Driving assists: All are allowed except Auto-drive.
Overtake system time multiplier: 1.2x

The Formula GT championship is part of the Sim Racing Federation (SRF), and will use its official guidebook. Read the complete guidebook here.

4.1: The “Championship” regulations tier will be used.

4.2: The championship will be integrated to the SRF’s driver tier system, meaning a driver can earn or lose points based on their performance and behavior in a race weekend.

4.3: The 107% rule is enforced in Q1.

4.4: Bump-drafting is strictly prohibited on circuit races.

4.5: Penalties are given out by the SRF’s Stewards. The following penalties can be given:

  • A time penalty (minimum 5 seconds)
  • A qualifying ban (a driver is banned from participating in the next weekend’s qualifying and starts from the back)
  • A drive-through penalty for the next race (the driver needs to go into the pits without changing tires, refueling, or getting repairs, at any point in the first 5 laps.)
  • A disqualification from the race
  • A disqualification from the championship
  • A points deduction

4.6: Penalties become more severe if a rules offense is repeated.

5.1: Shown here are the circuit, date, number of laps, and ingame time of day setting for each round.

28 November 2021: Spa-Francorchamps, 29 laps (16:45 Afternoon, dry)
5 December 2021: Dragon Trail Seaside, 39 laps (16:30 Evening)
12 December 2021: Blue Moon Bay Oval, 100 laps (13:00 Afternoon)
19 December 2021: Suzuka, 35 laps (15:45 Noon)
9 January 2022: Tokyo Expressway East Outer Loop, 28 laps (18:00 Twilight)
16 January 2022: Autodrome Lago Maggiore GP, 35 laps (18:15 Afternoon)
30 January 2022: Broad Bean Raceway, 120 laps (15:10 Afternoon)
6 February 2022: Autodromo Nazionale Monza (no chicane), 35 laps (12:00 Noon)
13 February 2022: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, 56 laps (18:00 Dusk)
20 February 2022: Blue Moon Bay Road A, 60 laps (16:00 Evening)

Oval races follow a different race format than circuit races. Below you find the modifications to the format:

6.1: A custom race day procedure will be created, and communicated to the drivers before the race.

6.2: Oval races are started with a rolling start.


6.3: A custom BoP package is used:
  • 100% power, 109% weight

6.4: Only the Soft tire compound is available, in both qualifying and the race.

6.5: Drivers will be given only one opportunity to qualify, going out on track for an out lap, a warm up lap, and two flying laps. The grid position is set by the average lap time across those two laps.

6.6: Mechanical damage will be set to Light.


6.7: A custom BoP package will be used:
  • 75% power, 100% weight

6.8: Only the Super Soft tire compound is available, in both qualifying and the race.

6.9: The same qualifying format as Blue Moon Bay (section 5.3) will be used, albeit with four flying laps instead of two.

6.10: Mechanical damage will be set to Light.

7.1: The highest finishing drivers in a race are given extra weight ballast to balance out the field. Ballast is given out as follows:

Ballast applied5%4%3%2%1%

7.2: Ballast earned in a race applies for the next two race weekends.

7.3: Ballast checks are done before qualifying and the race.

7.4: Ballast does not apply in oval races.

8.1: All liveries must follow the Livery Guide (click to read).

8.2: Drivers whose liveries do not follow the guide completely will be initially given a warning, and will not be allowed to compete afterwards if the necessary changes are not made.

9.1. Points are distributed in the following manner:

Finishing positionPoints awarded

9.2: The fastest lap in a race gives out an extra point to the driver.

9.3: Only a driver’s 8 best results will count in the Championship. This is to allow drivers to remain competitive even if they need to miss 1 or 2 races.

9.4: Points scored by both drivers will be counted for in the Teams' Championship.

10.1: All times of day below are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). You can use this tool to convert times of day to your local time zone.

6:55 PM: Lobby opens
7:00 PM: Qualifying begins
7:10 PM: Q1 ends
7:15 PM: Q2 begins
7:25 PM: Q2 ends
7:30 PM: Race begins
8:30 PM: Race ends (estimate)

10.2: Penalty reports are accepted up to 10:00 PM.

10.3: If no accident reports are made, race results and championship standings will be posted shortly after the race. If reports are made, they are posted as soon as a decision is made regarding said reports.

11.1: If a driver gets engine damage in an accident, they are required to report it by typing “ED” in the in-game chat, to make sure other drivers are careful when driving around the damaged car. Failing to report engine damage will result in a warning.

12.1: In the very rare occurrence of a server disconnect (in which almost all, if not all drivers are kicked out of the session), a red flag is called. In this situation, the drivers and race director will attempt to restart the race in the running order before the disconnect, and race the remaining laps. The restart is conducted with a standing start.
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