Srof S6 2021


Just for racing :gtpflag:

Chassis Carbon: Composite monocoque
Crasbox: Carbon composite
Body: Fiberglass and carbon composite
Rear wing: Carbon biplane

Technical specs:
Engine: Renault F4 RS 2l atmospheric, dry sump 200 hp and 222 Nm
Gearbox: FR Sadev sequential 6 speed and limited slip differential
Electronics: Magneti Marelli
Front and rear suspension: Twin dampers, double wishbones and pushrods
Shock absorbers Bump and rebound adjustement
Brakes FR 4 pistons monoblock calipers
Fuel cell Premier FT3-99 capacity 40 litres
Wheels Front 8” x 13” OZ Rear 10” x 13” OZ
Tyres Front 20/54-R13 Rear 24/57-R13

Width 1800 mm
Length 4250 mm
Height 1050 mm
Axle distance 2600 mm
Weight 530 kg

Found this racing machine here: Drivingyourdream

PD: I have looked for more information, they started making it in 2017. But the model on display is the Model Year 2021, already finished
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