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Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by miata13B, Jul 4, 2003.

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    Ok folks, I am starting up a new game today. But I am going to put a twist into this.

    Some of you don't personally prefer to hybrid and actually think it is a form of cheating.

    Now, After running a preliminary race series the other day in a Honda Civic SiR II with

    the integra Type-R engine in it and a sports muffler along with a chip, I ran the Beginner

    series championship. I won 8 out of 10 races by less then .500 seconds and came

    in 2nd on the other two. After seeing how close everything was, I have decided that

    I willtake on GT3 with only using mildbrids. Basically, cars that can have other cars

    parts in them, but; a BIG but, It has to have either been done or possible to do.

    So I will not use any MR Integras, No Z28's with F1 suspensions, No Pitzs with an

    R390 engine in it. I will list each car and what has been done to it and make an archive

    for each of these cars in the garage so others can either download them and

    use them, or download them and verify that it is legit. If you guys run into a car that

    is not legit, please post it here and I will re-run that event. :D

    Oh, and just to start off everything properly, I will be using my old Miata right outta the gates after I earn the gold on the Lincense test. I will then take 6000 credits outta my account on GT3 because that is what the engine and getting it into my Miata costed me.:D
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    Cool, sounds interesting! Too bad there's no Spitfire in the game: 13B-powered Ro-Spits are wild. Good luck and keep us posted.

    By the way, take the SVT Cobra engine and put it in a Miata. There are 5.0-powered Miatas running around; in fact one recently won the GRM $2003 Challenge, meaning they built it for less than that amount of money.
  3. Sage

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    Very cool! This should be quite interesting to watch. :)
  4. ving


    how about putting that miatas engine in a cobra?
  5. miata13B


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    Ok got all the licenses finally finished with golds so I have 6 cars to start off with.

    I am deducting 6 grand for the modification to the miata. I will have the results

    of the first race which is going to be the Roadster Endurance in the next few days.

    I actually might have to readjust that amount of cash for the mod because it did

    include an upgraded intercooler on my old car. I believe that the Endurance race

    will not let me include that on the car to meet the qualifications for the race. We shall see :D