Street Legal-Aids OK Will, for the First Time Ever, Host Race Cars

Chrunch Houston

United States
Street Legal-Aids OK (SLAOK) is going GLAOK Sunday night hosting a Gr. 4 night (Gr. 4 Legal-Aids OK),

I have hosted SLAOK nightly ever since the end of the Great PSN Blackout of 2011.

All through GT 5, and GT 6 there was never any doubt that running a street car room was the best way to go.

This is really getting stale in Sport. So few cars, plus N200 is not quite as fast as I would like.

If you have ever raced in my room I'm sure you are aware of the quality of those who race here. Come join us.

All SLAOK room settings will be the same except for car class. RSS tires, no restrictions/penalties.

Room starts at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 1 GMT. The first one to join gets to pick the second track.*

IF YOU WIN you must retire car

*No dirt, no Nur tracks
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