Suggestions Needed: Minimum Hardware Required, just getting back into Sim Racing.

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@Pako Very, very nice. Exactly what I would have recommended! Love it, well, with one exception: What you need now, is to hang the F1 wheel on a wall hanger and get a 350mm GT steering wheel. Afterall, you don’t want all that torque to go to waste, do you?
Thank you! Can’t wait to try it out. I got a GT wheel by the way. (Not pictured) ;)
I am on tough decision - to buy new PS4 compatible Fanatec wheel (and keeping my PS4 Pro for a while) vs to buy new PC (and keeping my T300 and Fanatec V3).
I play racing games only and GT was only reason I have a PS4, but sins I don't like GTS and haven't played it for 2 years, GT series is not holding me to have PS4 (PS5 in the future).

I am absolutely nothing at PC's - what PC specs I need to play racing games flawlessly without no need to change some PC parts within next 2-3 years? I don't think I will go to VR. At the moment I have 1080 TV only, but in the future I would like upgrade to 3 monitors (1440).