Super Races - Issues/Tips/Helps

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Almost seems like you have to be perfect to get thru these races.

Willow Springs, Le Mans, Suzuka. They all seem to have their issues. I've done Suzuka about 4 times and each time I've had issues. First time I used the HSV-010 and didn't know the fuel being offered during the pit was exactly what I needed to finish. Ran out of fuel half way through the final lap. 2nd & 3rd time I used the Nissan Calsonic Impul. Tires strategy was the issue there. Ran Hards both front and back first time and couldn't catch up. 2nd time ran softs front and hards rear. Kept up but softs should. Lap five figured the rain would reduce wear so ran soft/soft. Bad decision.

Anyway, you guys who've finished these...speak up! Thanks!
At Willow Springs an Suzuka I used the rocket with racing soft. Le Mans I used the Jag XJR9 LM Race car.
By memory Suzuka I made it to lap 6 before I had to pit. Le Mans lap 3 (just made the pits). Used Racing Soft all the time during the races.


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Here are my vehicles to use Super Races:
Willow Springs and Ascari - just use the Rocket (that you can earn through all golds in Goodwood Part 1, 100,000 credits if purchased).
Spa, Le Mans - use a Le Mans Prototype (I used Audi R18 TDI), use turbocharger boost (mid-RPM for Spa, high-RPM for Le Mans). Don't use DeltaWing however!
Nurburgring - use a GT3-class car. I won three times, using three separate GT3-class cars (two Nissan GT-Rs, one M-B SLS AMG)!

Other races (Apricot Hill, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Suzuka) - use the DeltaWing, as long as you've got at least 2,000,000 credits! But it's worth it - it doesn't use as much fuel, and you don't have to make a pitstop!
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Apricot Hill - did that in the Honda-HSV-010. Started with Hard tires front & back. Got to the 12 min mark and needed gas. Was in 12th down 14 seconds. Switched to soft tires both ends. Had been gaining about .75 seconds per lap. The pack pitted next lap. Was in 2nd down 3 secs. Won by 9 secs.

Suzuka - Again the HSV-010 - Hard tires front & back. First lap down 23 secs and still in last. From there passed about 2 cars a lap. Pitted at the end of lap 7 still down about 15 secs. Exited the pit on Soft/Soft tires. Again next lap caught the lead and won by 6 secs.
Suzuka and Willow Springs it's very easy with Rocket and for 24min Le Mans I used R10 TDI, but it's similar with other LeMans LMP1.
What car did you use for Willow Springs? Im thinking Corvette ZR1.
Honestly, I managed it in the Anniversary Corvette (only a slight tune over the normal one) on SS and took a mostly simple win. Though I ran out of fuel on the home straight but my advantage over the FXX was enough to get me the win still, by 2 seconds. Just pit halfway through the race and you'll be on target.

The Vette on SS not only is fast enough but is also a superb drive on Willow Springs. It's just got such good cornering speed on those tires. Can definitely recommend it.
Willow Springs - AMG VGT - Pit on lap 6.
Apricot Hill - R8LM Ultra . Pit on lap 7. Will probalby have someone hound you the last lap but their tyres will let them down.
Suzuka 10 Lap - AMG VGT with racing hards. Pit on lap 5
Brands Hatch - Red Bull Junior - detuned - No pitting required. You win because of this.
Nurburgring 24 minute - RedBull Junior - No pitting required. Need 12 second advantage on the long straight to win by 1or 2 sec
SPA 24 Minute - RedBull Junior - No pitting. You win because of this.
Ascari 10 Lap race - Rocket 07. No pitting. You win because of this.
Silverstone 10 lap - AMG VGT- Racing hards - turbo 3. Pit lap 5. Should keep laps to 2:00 - 2:03. Close finish
24 Minute of Lemans - You need to do 3:30-3:35 laps if stopping twice or 3:40 if stopping once. Toyota 7 with turbo 3 will do 3:31.
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HBR Roadhog
I used

Willow Ford GT 06 on sports soft tires pitted at end of lap 5 easy win
Apricot Hill and Suzuka I used the RX7 LM on Race Softs I think, pitted 1 time in each race
Brands Hatch, I used the Pitwork Z RS tires 1 pit easy win but looked like I was going to loose right up till the end when the Ai in front of me pitted and I won by a rather large margin
Nurburgring I used the Mercedes CLK Touring car, no pit, easy win
Spa- Audi R8 LMP, 1 pit easy win even though I ran out of gas before I pitted and had to go 1/2 lap at low speed to get to the pits.
Silverstone- Hardest by far, I almost won with the Ford GT Spec II but lost the rear coming out of the final corner and ended up second to the Fina F1. Tried with the RX7 LM on RM tires and finished 3rd. Used the CLK GTR and won easily with RS tires and 2 pit stops but the Fina F1 was not in that race. I think it may have beaten me in that one too if it were there as it runs a good 30 seconds faster than the others.

Lemans Audi R8 LMP 2 pits RS tires easy win

Can't remember what I drove on Ascari Maybe the RX7, maybe the Ford GT ?

Silverstone is the only one that gave me any troubles really, though my first attempt at Lemans did not go to well. I picked the R18 AE and the lights did not work so I could not see the road and that lead to a few issues ;)


Willow Springs: Bugatti '09, RS, 1 pit L5.
Brands Hatch: HSV, RM, 1 pit L7, got the by the "skin" trophy @ finish.
Nurburgring: AMG SLS GT3, RS, 2 pits.
Suzuka: HSV, RM, can't remember pits.
Ascari: HSV, RS, can't remember pits.
Spa: Audi R8 LMP '01 RS, can't remember pits.
Silverstone: Audi R8 LMP '01, RS, can't remember pits.
Le Mans: Audi R8 LMP '01, RS all the way, 3 pits.

No tuning except turbo addition when PP limit allowed.
I use a T500 wheel, no aids, 0 ABS, walk in the park for all events.
Took me a couple of restarts to understand that Intermeds/RR are worthless.
Went RS all the way for events with rain. (Visual or registered on precipitation indicator).
I guess I'll share my recent win at the "Nürburgring 24-Minute Challenge":

I used the Light Car Company Rocket, tuned up to 621 PP with Racing Hard tires. The great thing about this car is that it's fuel-efficient and the tires hardly ware out during a race. The main reason why I won this event was because I didn't have to pit at all, whereas the AI did twice. Lap 1 was just a matter of trying to get in front of everybody and getting a feel for the track, if you don't already. Lap 2, though, was much more difficult, since the track was very wet and the headlights on this car do not give a whole lot of light (so expect very dark driving). Since you're over 30sec. ahead of the AI by now, a couple screw-ups won't hurt; I had quite a few spin-outs and flips and still ended up holding a 30 second lead on the car in second place. By the end of lap 2, the rain will clear up and the sun will rise, making it a lot easier. Lap three is definitely the easiest and is, basically, clear sailing until the end. Again, a couple screw-ups won't damage your position at all, as you would now have a 1 minute lead (at least, I did). I finished with a 1.5 minute lead on the car in second, so it's pretty easy if you use this car. Just stay focused, obviously, when tackling the big technical sections and you're good. It does say that it's a "24 minute" race, but expect the be racing for closer to half an hour, since you're guaranteed three laps. Hope this helped for anybody still trying this one out. 👍

Also, as said many times before, the Rocket is good to use at Willow Springs and Ascari for easy wins.