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  1. ImportRacer


    I love my supra but its a pain to try to turn. could someone give me the suspension settings that can make it handle better?
    The settings now are (front/back)
    spring rate = 8.0/8.5
    ride height = 100/100
    bound = 6/6
    rebound = 6/6
    stabalizers = 3/3

    Thanks :)
  2. Fogelhund


    What Supra? What are the modifications?
  3. Shannon


    i'm not an expert with settings, i don't much around with them too much
  4. Shannon



    muck around with...
  5. Pupik

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    I generally prefer my stabilizers at around 5-7, depending on the cricuit. 3 is usually not enough for most cars. And maybe increase the spring rates, and lower the ride heights; that may improve turning at the expense of stability, though.

    BTW, if you want settings, you may have to give an acurate description of the car: Supra RZ, Supra twin-turbo, TRD 3000GT, Denso Sard Supra ??? They are all different...
  6. ImportRacer


    Oh ok Its a 97 supra (turbo) with a stage 4 turbo, racing intercooler, racing muffler, all engine mods, racing tranny, limeted slip full customization, racing flywheel, triple plate clutch, carbon driveshaft, suspension full customization, sport brakes, brake balance controller, super soft tires, all wieght reduction and the cool orange racing mods. :)
  7. Fogelhund


    Try this out for size/

    Lowest at Front/Highest at back

    Max downforce

    LSD 1/1/1

    Be a bit of a handful at first, but once you get on to it you'll fly.
  8. DaddyGary_2002



    To baseline any car, you will need access to as many variables as possible. Obviously you can't tune a car without anything to adjust. Some adjustable components are better left on the shelf instead of on your car. The yaw control is a total waste of money.

    I have found that this baseline setup is a good starting setup for all cars. But, with all cars you'll need to adjust some settings to work the best at the tracks you choose to run. The baseline setup that I use is the one that gt2kid posted and I have good results with the cars, after re-adjusting some settings to work on different tracks. Only he likes to use the automantic transmission, and I like to use the manual transmission:

    His baseline setup looks like this:

    -Springs; Front 2.0/Rear 2.0
    -Shock bound; Front 1/Rear 2
    -Shock Rebound; Front 2/Rear 2
    -Camber; Front 0.5/Rear 0.0 (This assumes a rear wheel drive car.
    For FF or 4wd, the rear setting is 0.5)
    -Toe; Front 0/Rear 0
    -Antiroll Bars or Stabilizer Bar; Front 4/ Rear 4 (This assumes an average weight car. Use 3/3 for very light cars and 5/5 for very heavy cars).
    -Ride Height; Front Min/ Rear Min (Except on ruff tracks, and then raise height slightly).

    -Transmission automantic;
    -Auto set to 10
    -1st; set minimum (numerically lowest or tallest)
    -Final; set minimum (usually 2.5)

    -Manual Transmission;
    -1st and 2nd and 3rd (usually leave as is)
    -4th; 5th; 6th; move to higher number to get closer gear ratio. This helps to keep rev's up so they won't drop and bog the engine.
    -Final; also move to higher number to keep rev's from dropping to much.
    -Auto set; I like to start with setting around 15, unless the track is a short one and you don't need to max top speed. If the track is short, I start with about 12 and drop back if needed.

    -Brakes; Front 21/ Rear 11 to 18

    -Aerodynamics; Front Highest setting/ Rear=Front+10

    -LSD; Initial 1/4th maximum
    -Accel 1/2 maximum
    -Decel 0 to 1/2 (Depending on tire rotation when slowing down).

    -TCS; Maximum
    This should serve as a starting point. But, remember you may have to re-adjust some settings for different tracks. And usually I like to set the Toe; Front -5/ Rear -5 to help the car turn better in the curves.

    Hope this helps, I have use his baseline setup for sometime, and it helped my lap times tremendiously. :D
  9. FuJi K

    FuJi K

    you know i have the exact same Supra as you do. I finished tuning mine in a few minutes. It looks very kool. The orange and stuff makes it look similar to TFATF Supra.

    anyway....i'll give you my specs to try out later. going fishing right now........
  10. FuJi K

    FuJi K

    Springs f/r: 15.6/14.4
    Ride Height f/r: 88/90
    Damper bound f/r: 6/7
    Damper Rebound f/r: 8/9
    Camber f/r: 3.1/2.7
    Stabilizers f/r: 4/7

    Brakes F/r: 24/24

    Gears: NOTE: You must set your FINALDRIVE RATIO to 5.500 and then set auto setup to 7. After you are finished with this you can proceed to the gears.
    1: 1.876
    2: 1.363
    3: 1.055
    4: 0.861
    5: 0.729
    6: 0.587

    After you have set each gear to its number, set the Final to this: 4.111
  11. FuJi K

    FuJi K

    this setting is a for fun setting but i think it's pretty good. You can do further improvements from there on. I slap on "Normal Tires" and do lots of drifting on tracks i.e. SSR5, Rome Night. Really fun!
  12. gtfreak14730865


    if you gave the dough go by the tability control system and put it all the way down it should help
  13. askia47


    Every time i tune up a supra or other car the speed is increased yet the steering sucks... :(
  14. Dj Def

    Dj Def

    same happens to me, except my sterring has never become very bad on a viper....tsk tsk
  15. Slidn' Sideways

    Slidn' Sideways

    Well common sence will tell u, that speed makes it harder to turn due to the speed ur traveling at. the more u brake the eaier it is to turn. when u make ur car faster u dont make ur turning better:banghead:. I suggent u press BRAKE before the wall. if u lower ur car this sometimes creats mor downforce ending in sligtly better turning but id say brakes is the key.