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Discussion in 'TT Tuning, Settings and Riding Form' started by vtecp0wa, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. vtecp0wa


    Can someone please make a thread on tunning the suspension aspect of TT !

    I have searched through everything and havent found any posts of setups of what people have it at.

    Someone who knows how to tune please post some tips on tuning suspension.
  2. TB

    TB Moderator

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    Read through gOoSeTeR's thread and you'll see that a settings guide is being worked on. There is some general information in there, but I would imagine Scaff's will be rather detailed when he posts it.
  3. vtecp0wa



    Cant wait for that. Because I know these bikes have to handle better.
  4. The Uncreated

    The Uncreated

    I have no idea why you people care to reinvent the wheel. Posterity perhaps? The Prima Guide, despite claims to its history of inaccuracy, is quite detailed in its explanation of configuring settings for a particular track. For instance, it has recommended suspension settings if you find your bike lowsiding with major elevation changes (the major uphill transition on Nurburgring leading to the third checkpiont).

    The one thing that nobody has any clear information on, however, is how riding form affects performance, particularly the more subtle settings like head angle. If anything, we should focus on that.

  5. Scaff

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    Well lets see why we people whould do this.

    Firstly the Prima guide is not avaliable around the world, and secondly it does have a cost attached to it.

    In addition, advised settings for a track are problematic, because first they do not suit every rider or bike, and secondly because some of us actually want to tune the bike ourselves from scratch.

    The GT4 guide has recomended settings for each track, and to be blunt they are not worth the paper used, they are far to general and at times totally inacurate.

    It may disapoint you and you may consider it a waste of time, but I am currently working on a TT guide in the same vein as my GT4 ones. As it will be freely avaliable here at GT Planet when its finished, I'm sure it will be of use to a great number of people.

    Aside from that as you honestly saying that just because Prima have a tuning section in the guide it totally negates the need for anyone to discuss it as a topic?

    If you don't want to discuss it then fine, don't. However if other do want to discuss the subject then I see no need for you to wade in and accuse people of trying to re-invent the wheel.

    Besides you want to talk about riding style but not suspension tuning, a little short-sighted I would say, as from my work to date it appears that changes to riding style have an effect on the bikes COG, which in itself appears (at times) to require a tweak of the suspension to get the most out of it.

    @vtecp0wa - Your search of the threads must have hidden this one from you

    TT Tuning

    An easy one to dismiss if you just read the first few posts, but it does develop into a discussion (ongoing) about the settings themselves.

    I'm going to close this thread, as any discussion regarding setting need to be kept in one place.


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