Suzuka Glitch at Start

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Hi All,

Long time lurker and just registered. I was a C/S now that I just got a G29 wheel my DR slipped down to D - but getting better every day.

I raced online yesterday on Suzuka and qualified for 8th. They decide to start us on the last turn and as soon as it said "GO" I was spun around onto the grass. I looked at the replay and the guy behind me hit me - but this was immediately after the countdown so I know he didn't mean to do it. I dropped back to 18 but thankfully was able to finish 8th after all the carnage around me.

Anyone else experience this? Anyway to prevent this?
Countless of daily races in Suzuka here and never happened once.

Probably just bad luck. It shouldn´t happen again.

Did you save the reply?
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Lag. I had this happen in other events. They lag and the game throws them around the track. It can happen while on auto drive.