T300 rs gt t3pa pedals not responding

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Hello guys, recently an annoying problem happened to me. so I used the wheel a couple of weeks ago and it was working wonderfully. However, I wanted to play assetto corsa today, and sadly, my pedals do not work at all. I am getting no response from the pedals at all in the control panel of Thrustmaster, there is no input from them. The wheel itself is working wonderfully. However, I did notice one thing that I cannot change the mode of pedals from red led to green led which inverts the pedals. The warranty is already over. Any suggestions on how to fix this? or is this a software-related issue?.
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United Kingdom
I guess you have tried the obvious like uninstalling Thrustmaster software/drivers and starting from scratch and have also updated firmware? you could also try connecting to another PC or laptop or could try plugging it into a Playsta

You might just have a connectivity problem - maybe the connector in the T300 is damaged, or the plug on the end of the cable, or maybe the cable itself. To troubleshoot that you will need a continuity tester (multimeter) to see if you can confirm if any of the key connections are faulty in the cable or connectors.
Whenever theres a wheel or pedal problem, hook it up to a pc and run the tm software, there you can see all inputs and if they dont work,check your connections next.
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