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Hello and welcome to the Team Manji Drift team thread. We are currently recruiting so feel free to follow the information in this post to fill out an application. We look forward to hearing from you. With that said below I have made a quite detailed post about our team, enjoy.

Team Background Information:
Our team started back on Gran Turismo 5, as Team Drift Effect. We where a fairly large team with pushing close to 30 members. We did it all competitions, drift team practices, and a ton more. After the team saw that Gran Turismo 5 also had a team called Team Drift Extreme, we felt the need to change our team name for Gran Turismo 6. That way no beef would occur, so Team Manji was formed. Me and my co-leader have formed an all new and more strict guideline system for our team here in Gran turismo 6. That basically concludes a short description of our team history.

Team Features:
Our team features I will list below, these are just some of our team's features. More will be added soon.

(1) 20 inner team ranking system

(2) Practices every week (on certain days)

(3) Inner team challenge system

(4) Team rulebook

(5) Active team members

Their are more I just cant think of anymore at the present time.

How To Join Our Team:

o join our team, we require you to fill out a form application. You may visit our website, which I will provide below. Once on our webpage, go to the How To Join page. Click the button to fill out the application. Once you have filled out the application, we will then review it and contact you on the Playstation network for a try out.

More Contact Information:
You may contact us through our website contact page, and or contact me on skype @ jtarules89 to find out more about our team, and or just to shoot the breeze with me about drifting.

Thanks for taking the time to view our thread,

- Jtarules (Team Manji Leader)