TearsOfEgirls - Liveries - 2022

Hi guys and girls!

Fellow GT fanatic and livery/photography lover here.
Here I will be posting my livery designs and scape/race photographs. It would mean the world to me if you guys would give a like on GT7 or just reply over here.
Any type of feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!

GT7 Nickname: TearsOfEgirls
PS5 Gamertag: TearsOfEgirls-ll​

Link to my userpage
1. Lancer Evo gr3. - Stussy x Mitsubishi - GT7 Livery search tag: "Stussy"
Stussy x Mitsubishi livery.jpg

Evo gr3 livery bamboo.jpg

Evo gr3 livery street.jpg
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