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    Ok, you people who race around the track and see those blocked off roads, well to hell with them, if i could create the next Gran Turismo i would have 3 games modes, Simulation, Arcade, and Exploration mode. here you could drive around up to 5 cities, have some fun, get chased by the police, go from road to dirt, have in game car settings instead of going back and fourth to find the perrfect setting waisting good game time, the cities backgrounds that are way off the track like in gt3 which are fake, u know, things like driving through them, size, and crap like that, well they would still be real. so this would be a 2 disc game.
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    they werent even able to make a multiplayer for cote d' azur. plus this is almost the exact same thing as grand theft auto or driver
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    its a good idea. i have thought about this myself. i am still young but i want to be a programmer or something in the games industry. i have two ideal games that i would like to make. one like you are saying or a shoot em up. i've got many ideas.
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    I was where you are a few years ago, and I would say that you should definitely follow your dreams, but you should REALLY start now. hook up with some people building a mod for half life or something and GET INVOLVED. I cant stress enough the importance of experience in that industry. Learn to program.

    I went down a different path, and I'm going to graduate school where I'll be working with business software that puts gaming concepts to practical usage with geographic analysis. But anyways, college is WAY too late to start computer science unless you REALLY put your mind to it.

    just a suggestion.

    and to get this NOT moed to the rumble strip, I think that an exploration mode would be cool, but a bit too arcadey for GT3. I would like to see corner practice. You could run up on a corner, set a marker, and practice a corner until you got it right, by returning to that marker when you are done with the corner.
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    What about a thin as simple as a TRACK EDITOR!! that way you would have an infinite number of tracks, and be able to trade them with your friends..

    Also I think it would be cool if there was a place where you could paint your car.. -works just like carwash, exept you can change the coulour of your car, when you get tired of looking at the stupid **insert color here**, of course it wouldn't work on the race cars....
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    Tom M

    Spectacular crashes. Even if there can be no damage model, I would love to see a rolling car from time to time. I think it would make the game a little more challenging as well.
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    This is my input for GT4:
    Have a mode for not only racing hard but precision driving, you could only race clean, by that not bang off walls or cut corners try to imitate real life. If you hit a wall or cut the corner you would be disqalified like when your trying to get a license.
    Maybe you could have a type of race that was you against the track and the clock, you would have checkpoints to pass and I mean on the gas hard to reach them, but if you could race well enough, you could go on for hours or something like that. I really enjoy racing hard but realistically in this game.
    they definitely need to correct the sound problem of either being on or off. allow us to adjust to our preference.
    When watching a replay with in car camera, show us the gauges of speed gear ect. so we can analyze our driving and learn from our mistakes.
    Thats is GT3 is a very well designed game and I enjoy it very much...
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    I want to make a game thats something like cannonballrun and gt. You race across america against other cars and you actually have to stop and pay for gas and eat and go to the bathroom even. I would also like for there to be cops and make this completely legal so if you crash into someone, a couple gamedays later you get notified that you did something illegal and might have to go to jail or something. This will be a lot farther than cannonball run and it should be a 2 way trip. It should be a racing rpg. Comments?
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    Good idea but it should be a different game. It would wreck GT, THE racing game, if it were to change.
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    It would be great to take a leaf out of Tokyo Highway battle (crappy game by the way, just has some good ideas) and have traffic.

    The ultimate wish would be realistic crash modelling though.

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    Kazunori Yamauchi has already said he's done just about all he can do with GT on PS2 and he's going to look towards the network side of things. I think that GT is great but could probably handle some significant changes in direction and composition.
    1) Because there are so many of us fans, it would be good if more of a GT community could develop through networked racing leagues. The races need more than 6 cars anyway, considering GT's AI is its weak point.
    2)I think something like 'GT Street' could add alot. ie. a game where you race on the streets in cars that can be more significantly modified, in terms of engine mods and visual enhancements. This street racing could include drags and team races where the damage to the teams cars comes out of the winnings after competing with other teams for money. (networked racing clans or gangs could develop and then challenge eachother to race on selected routes through cities or on tracks) You might be forced to choose a car and then side with a club or gang which shares similar taste in cars. (eg Hondas/ Turbos only, or 70s American V8s)
    3)Some sort of career element might help. At the moment, GT is a very slick, but highly non-personal game. Perhaps gamers would value the product more if they were forced to spend time with, and properly develop, their car. A more in-depth and intuitive tune shop would be good, including visual enhancements and custom paint jobs/decals. Hopefully when people race over networks they'd be able to identify each other's cars.

    PS. I've been thinking about a GT Street sort of game for a while (and I don't mean Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero), and have become increasingly aware of its merits and huge complexities. Any ideas?
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    Concept (Banned)

    I dont think police cars chasing you really fits in to GT3. I would rather have competition racing souped up sports cars.