The Driver Syndicate (Fan Made Driver Remake)

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Dunno if people has seen this, but I just found this the other day. I was a huge fan of the original game, being the only open world car game back in those days. Unfortunately I never played the PS2 games, until I got Driver SF on PS3, and loved that also. Thought people who have similar experience might appreciate this being brought to their attention.

Back in 2019, in honour of the original Driver's 20th anniversary, a team of people made a remake using current technology. Obviously still a WIP and being fan made, progress is slow. But it looks pretty darn good and after having played it, it's pretty faithful to the original IMO. The city, the cars, the slidey physics with lots of body roll, and most importantly, the aggressive cops. They even managed to get the composer for the Driver 1/2 soundtracks back to score the main menu theme!

Only one city so far (but has day/night and stormy options), about half a dozen cars and several mini games in addition to the main mission. Apparently it's also moddable though I haven't tried installing mods yet.

You can try it out by downloading here:

Get the Driver 1 feeling back!
The Driver Syndicate (DrvSyn) is a car chase game inspired by the Driver series.

The project's development was started in 2014 by Soapy. It attracted a lot of attention in 2019 with the 20th anniversary of the Driver series and the arising of content creators doing gameplay videos on YouTube as well as the steady progress of the development and updates of the game

The aim of the game is to get the feeling of the classic Driver and Driver 2 games while updating the graphics without losing the vibes of the original. As the years go by and with no new official Driver game in sight, Syndicate stands out as the spiritual successor of the Driver series that every longtime fan of Driver should try!

Running on its own graphics engine, Syndicate allows the community to be heavily involved in the development of new content due to the game being modding-friendly. Soapy also provided a level editor to let the community create new cities for Syndicate as well as new cars and sounds.

  • Vehicle driving mechanics and handling inspired by the DRIVER series
  • A selection of cars in the spirit of the classic games
  • Take a Ride mode with various times of day (dusk, day, dawn or night) and weather (dry, rain)
  • Driving games such as survival, trailblazer, checkpoints run, getaway, gates,…
  • The infamous Job Interview tutorial from the first game
  • The first mission of the Story mode
  • Replays and Film Director
  • Controls remapping directly in the settings
  • Open modding platform: create your own missions, cities, vehicles and game modes

If you want to purchase the soundtrack (including remastered Driver 1/2 tracks as well):

Enjoy the nostalgia trip! :D
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I loved the first 3 games in this series. I wonder what engine is being used under the hood. Physics look remarkably similar to the old games.
Loved Driver 1 and 2 was a great game.

Anyways, those in the know will be aware that the game was based on a 70s movie called The Driver, with Ryan O'Neal as the driver and Bruce dern as the cop chasing him.

Well that movie is on right now in the UK!

On... Talking Pictures TV!!! 👍👍
What makes Driver exceptional even now is the driving physics. Doesnt look like Driver Syndicate replicates it from what I've seen. Also looks decidedly easier than Driver