The GT League Close Race Compendium

United Kingdom

So ever since I joined this forum over ten years ago now (TEN?! :crazy:), reading through the race reports and so forth - and particularly Smallhorses' 200 A-Spec Point Club in GT4 - inspired me to search out close races and look for competitive matchups in GT games. It's lead to plenty of fun races and heart-stopping moments, and led to me revisiting previous GT games like GT2 to go hunting for those races. It's the true spirit of GT games, for me. :)

So in lieu of that, I've approached GT League in GT Sport in much the same manner. Some have already complained how lacking in depth and challenge GT League is, and I'd agree to a point - but it's still possible to have a lot of fun in this mode. Looking for interesting challenges in terms of car selection for each race, and so far I've had some good contests despite the AI's tendencies to go and build sandcastles mid-race. Here's been some of my selections so far:

Clubman Cup: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
Three wins, one P2 and one P4 finish with this big monster. Interlagos was actually surprisingly easy, mainly due to more AI derpage, but Suzuka produced a last-lap divebomb for the win! :sly:

FF Challenge: Suzuki Swift Sport '07

Three P4 finishes. Might have been a bit outgunned here, but in fairness one of said results was a 3-wide finish where I was 2nd coming off the final corner and got beaten to the line :grumpy: I'm sure a more talented driver than I could've got at least a set of podium finishes with the little Suzuki.

FR Challenge 1: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray '69

Two wins and one P2 finish here - the old girl actually handled very well, and a surprise appearance from a Toyota SFR Racing Concept in the final race made for an exciting final lap and run to the line! :scared:

Mazda Roadster Cup 1: Mazda MX5 Roadster ft. 80% Power Limiter for 102hp

Took quite a few attempts at these races, all of them were largely pretty exciting - one rabbit car would charge out in front, and I'd act as something of a Pied Piper, bringing 1-3 AI cars with me as I chased the leader down! A three-wide finish at the line in Race 1, Talladega-style, was a particular highlight :)

I'm curious to know if any of you guys have been doing the same thing, or ended up stumbling across car choices that lead to exciting races. Obviously with the car roster being a bit thin, options aren't as varied as in previous games - yet. But there are some to be had, so post 'em in this thread. :cheers:

(on an aside; moderators, what's the ruling on posting Youtube videos from one's own channel in a possible Race Diaries thread? Yay or nay? Very wary of any self-promotion/spam rules on posting)