The Hybrid Speed Demons (Gauging interest & deciding regulations)

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This is a project in the making NOT yet launched, just gauging interest and opinions on regulations. This will be a Acceleration Test Speed Run Event, if it catches on another thread for Track day events may be created. I will update the OP with changes and such as opinions come in and the details get worked out.
Primarily I want people to be able to post up what the cars they built can do in a regulated but open fashion, and allow member to challenge others for a race.

Obviously to keep the hyper cars out and to keep the hybrids as realistic as we can there will be regulations, please post your opinions on this keeping in mind realism. To achieve this and be fair and competitive some restrictions my go against what "Can" be done in reality, the goal is more for a level playing ground and again realistic.

I figure 2 Classes

Street Customs
Chassis MUST match Body
Engine swap MUST have Real Life Counterpart
Engine HP Numbers MUST Have Real Life Counterpart or less
No Grip or Weight multiplier Hacking & NO Stage 4 or 5 Weight Reductions
Specs & Hacked parts used must be included with a posted time
Tires are restricted to Sports Super Soft or less
No Driver Assist Allowed

Race Built Machines
No X1 Chassis or Engine
The Wheels must line up with the wheel wells
Engine HP (Suggestions Please)
No Grip or Weight multiplier Hacking
Specs & Hacked parts used must be included with a posted time
Tires are restricted to Racing Medium Tires (opinions?)
No Driver Assist Allowed

A Challenge will be a scheduled race. The Challenger MUST Post the PP of the car and if it’s a Street Racers or Race Built Machine. They must test and insure the car is not PP glitched, the car MUST be inside the working PP system. Nothing else except the car model and a Photo need be posted. With a little challenge message, call out, or whatever :D
When a driver takes on the Challenger, his car must also be inside the working PP system and MUST be at equal to or lower PP to that of the Challenger.
The 2 racers will then agree on a race time, at this time they must have a post prepared with the specs of the car, parts used & The Speed Test Acceleration data (Should we require a snap of the results page?) at the agree upon time both racers will post up, and the winner decided…
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Here is an example of a Posted time


Street Racer

Corvette ZR1 (C7) Prototype '14






0-60mph = 3.216
0-100mph = 6.617
0-1/4 Mile = 11.087
0-1 Mile = 26.591

Parts used for the Build

'09 ZR1 Suspension
'09 ZR1 Engine
'09 ZR1 Transmission
'09 ZR1 Exhaust


Road to Inferno
I tried this same idea in the Drag Racing Forum it hasn't had to best of following.
Heres the thread.
Good Luck:cheers:

I dont get it, people brag about the cool hybrids they have, but scared to put them to the test. I thought there would be at least some interest, and maybe hit some track for lap times, but it seems people are only interested in taking pictures of them, not actually driving them... I figure they are probably more cheese machines out there they people would like to admit.