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Discussion in 'Music' started by Jimmy Enslashay, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Jimmy Enslashay

    Staff Emeritus

    Are there any REAL metallers here that listen to true metal. None of that Korn, Static X, Disturbed crap :yuck:

    If so what do you listen to? What r ur favourites?

    I listen to all metal, from heavy to death. and many bands from those categories.
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  2. Cano

    Mexico Cephiro

    I've really come to like Therion. I wouldn't know what to call them... black gothic metal? dunno, but those dudes really rock. and of course there are the essentials, helloween, slayer, that kinda stuff. there's more to it of course, but Im just getting into it. reccommend, please (:

  3. In Flames :tup:
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  4. Jimmy Enslashay

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    eh, therion? dont like much, theyre just kind of gothic metal. slayer were my favourite band for years when i first started getting into metal, so im a big fan. they kind of got me into metal.

    in flames dont interest me really.

    cano, you might like bands like dimmu borgir for example. theyre a well known black metal band so u should give them a listen. i personally dont like gothic/black metal, im more into death and grind, but i can give you some more black/gothic metal bands to listen to. some that arent as commercial and fake as dimmu. dimmu once claimed to be a struggling metal band, has anyone seen their film clips? they dont look to be struggling to me.

    but if u would like me to recommend you some bands thats not a problem.
  5. toler


    i always liked Kreator, they some really good songs...
  6. I only started listening to rock less than a year ago. I started listening to Metal just a few months back. I'm currently a huge fan of Pantera and Disturbed. Static X is decent - they sound too...generic for some reason. I also currently like Metallica.

    My favourite though, has got to be Symphony X but I think they're Progressive Metal
  7. does pantera, metallica, mushroomhead, rammstein, or CKY qualify as metal? if so then yes, I am a real metaller.
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  8. I'll also add Rhapsody to my list - they've got great stuff :)
  9. I'm not a big fan of the whole death/black/doom metal scene, and In Flames are the only real band that I can listen to out of them. Oh, I do have soft spot for Chimaira - Down Again as well, but I can't stand anything else from them...

    Symphony X are Power Metal. Check out Stratovarius - you'll like 'em. :tup:
  10. Agreed. In Flames - :tup:

    Would Ill Nino count as metal? I like a few songs by them.

  11. Jimmy Enslashay

    Staff Emeritus

    ok this is gonna be long but ill put the people that asked questions' names in front of what ill say.

    Ethix/Mark - Ill Nino is metal, but i dont like that sort of metal where they go into like soft singing. It doesn't mix with me. But if you like Ill Nino, youll like some bands like Killswitch Engage, Systematic maybe, Deftones, and some metal that i despise (sorry if anyone else likes these bands, im not trying to offend you, but i dont like it personally) like Disturbed, Korn and Slipknot (which i would like if he didnt sing soft alot).

    Beamer - they all qualify as metal except CKY, i dont think theyre metal. Pantera are gods lol, but because Phil Anselmo is such a wanker, they split and he went to some of his really annoyingly bad side projects like Down, and his current one Superjoint Ritual which is ok, but still pretty average. Metallica are sell-outs, everything after black album isn't metal in my books, its hard rock. but because of their history they are still classed as metal. Rammstein are techno metal really, lol, so i hate their music, but ill give em one thing, they put on one HELL of a show.

    Emad - Did you know Wayne Static was fined heavily for beating a dog very recently...but thats as close as they come to real metal in my books. they have one song above average, but i really dont like them. but yea, they do sound generic, i know wat u mean.

    Toler - Kreator are good. I only recently started listening to them, i'd heard of them alot beforehand, but i never bothered to get around to listening. The latest one i got was about 2 weeks ago - "Violent Revolution", if you dont have that, get that. its ood, ill have to listen to more of their other stuff. ive listened to bits and pieces off their other albums, like Coma, Endless Pain, Pleasure to Kill, but not much. ill give em a listen later.

    anyway, thats all, not as long as i expected, but if you have any more questions, comments or anything u want to know, just post it here. i usually post every weeknight, but i may not weekends. also, if you dislike my comments about the bands i dislike, well im going to stop, i just wanted to share some of my feelings for a little on some bands, but now ill just focus solely on helping. Thanks anyway guys.

  12. Killswitch Engage isn't bad. I've heard a couple decent songs by them, but I'm not a big fan of screaming. It seems that I like the opposite kind of music as you. I like when the singer actually sings. I can't stand the constant screaming I hear in most of the metal it seems that you're into. It just sounds like noise to me, but if that's what you like, it's all good.

    The Deftones just sounds like loud whining with backround music to me. I don't mind Disturbed or Korn, though I don't love their music either. SlipKnot on the other hand is horrible. (....and the costumes are lame too. You know what other band wore costumes? The Backstreet Boys. Think about it.)

    Oh well. I guess Metal just isn't my thing.

  13. I was a big metal head back in the early-mid 90s.So some of the bands I like are
    Megadeath,Metallica,Pantrara,Slayer,Slaughter,Slupatrara,Prong,Anthrax,and Gwar.
    Just to name a few.
    I just recently downloaded a couple of tracks by Cannibal Corpse just to check it out,an OMG that has got to be the most god awful music(and I use that term loosely)I've ever heard in my life.
  14. Since when (and how the hell) did Deftones end up in the same category as Disturbed and Korn? I prefer bands that have melody, rhythm and originality over balls-out screamy metal bands that wail on the guitars and bash the drums all out of synch.

    And if Deftones classify as metal, than I'm going to have to add Tool to my list of top metal bands...

    Edit: Now I'm curious. What exactly is it that you like and classify as real metal?
  15. Hyperglide

    Canada Ontario, Canada

    In Flames
    Dimmu Borgir
    Sonata Arctica
    Killswitch Engage
    Ministry (my fave metal band)
    Children of Bodom
    Nine Inch Nails

    How's that?
  16. Race Idiot


    Metal is a vauge genre and it doesn't help having so many different categorys. Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, blah blah blah blah.
  17. Jimmy Enslashay

    Staff Emeritus

    I actually agree with u Race, metal has become so misunderstood in alot of categories. Eg. Nu Metal (even the damn spelling isnt metal lol :lol:), that is just destroying the face of metal. Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit just are not metal to me.

    Shannon, Deftones ARE classed as metal (Nu Metal), and so are Tool. As much as I dislike it, I have to live with the fact that they are metal. And real metal to me sounds like metal. Bands like Korn dont sound like metal at all, its just dark heavy rock. But I have to live with the fact they are all metal too. Metal seems to be losing its metalness if u understand me. But ill have to talk about those bands Ive mentioned as the majority of metallers in this forum like that kind of metal. Thats why i changed the name of the thread. Btw, deftones didnt end up in the same category as korn and disturbed exactly, i was naming bands i thought Ethix might like. Metal doesnt bash the drums out of synch or wateva else u said, u just dont take the time to listen, therefore u have no say. If u dont like the sort of metal, thats fine, but if u want to say the music is out of time i can recommend u almost ANY band i listen to, and if u listen properly u will hear theyre not "out of synch".

    gjasonp - u mean Pantera and Sepultura right? :lol: Lol its ok dude, im a corrective bastrd.

    Hyperglide - by "Hows That?" are u asking my opinion? I see u like the gothicish theme (Dimmu, Bodom, etc), but ur not confined to it. :tup: I like. Some of the bands like Godsmack i dont like as much, but i have respect for them, they beat up "Story of the Year" (queer emo band). lol. Btw, go see a Rammstein show! lol, they mightnt be full on metal, but they blew me away.

    Mark - i agree with ur analysis on the deftones. lol.
  18. Yes, Nu-Metal is ****, but I do like Deftones. I however place them under Alternative Rock because Nu-Metal is not metal to me. The only sub-genres I classify as metal are Thrash, Power, Death/Black/Doom and Industrial. All the others are just variations of rock to me. I somehow came to the strange conclusion that Tool are "Modern Psychedelic" though...:cool:

    I've listened to my fair share of "your metal" and from what I've heard, they just thrash on their instruments and take no time to create original pieces.

    Anyway, this thread is way too over-analytical. If you like it, listen to it. If not, don't. Simple. :)
  19. Hyperglide

    Canada Ontario, Canada

    Just answering your query. Usually when you respond to someones post you get a negative response, as they are bound to dislike something that you like. Hence the 'how's that?' I was asking if my choices would meet your standards. ?

    I got a Rammstein video of them doing Buck Dich live in concert. Hilarious video. He whips out a phallic symbol and yes how do I put this? He 'blows you away' with it. ;)
  20. When it comes to metal, hell am I a fan of it. I prefer from heavy to the most extreme of all metal music. Heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, grindcore, progressive metal, and death metal are what I like. But out of all the metal subgenres I like, grindcore is by far my most favorite. It consists of short but extreme thrashing overdriven, distorted guitars, uber-fast drumming, and bleeding-throat guttural howling, growling, and screaming :mischievous: :cool:

    Perfect examples of grindcore bands are Napalm Death, Carcass, Godflesh, and Terrorizer. These are the best bands I ever heard :mischievous: :cool:

    But let me get back to what other metal bands I like. I like Fear Factory, Pantera, Slayer, Anthrax, The Haunted, Meshuggah, Rammstein, Metallica, Sepultura, Pitchshifter, and Hatebreed :mischievous: :cool:

    As for Nu Metal, this is the subgenre that is the most notorious and trendy. It has gained a bad reputation for just about anywhere. Nevertheless, Tool is the only Nu Metal band that many people and I accept. All the others cannot compare to this band and they blow. But I still like some Nu Metal bands like Systematic and some others :sly:

    And no, Hyperglide, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry are not classified as metal, they are industrial. Nonetheless, I still like them.
  21. Jimmy Enslashay

    Staff Emeritus

    Klonie - you sound like u like almost exactly the same stuff as me. Grindcore used to be my ultimate because i just loved super-fast metal, but i dont really have a favourite genre anymore. If you like super-fast angry music, try Ana l Cun t (i had to put spaces sorry), the singer Seth Putnam is probably the most angry person ive ever seen or heard of, watch some of his concert footage, in just about every concert he beats up crowd members lol. Its crazy. But klonie, u listen to the good stuff :tup:.

    Hyperglide - sorry, i didnt exactly know wat u meant. and yea i love the crazy stuff rammstein do. they might be show-ponies but theyre allowed to be :sly:.

    Shannon - it might seem over-analytical, but some of the questions people are asking require it.

    Btw, I have a question, where do you think the best quality metal comes from?
  22. 35mm

    Portugal Leiria

    Nice thread!

    It's very hard to define what is Metal nowadays.

    Also, there are way too many bands out there that have nothing to do with Metal but still want to be labelled as such just because it's cool or something.

    I listen to most types of Metal, but if I was to choose a genre, I would say I'm more into NWOSDM (New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal), which incidently, is not new any more...

    Anyway, here's a list of some of the bands that I like:

    Orphaned Land, Opeth, Decapitated, Diabolical Masquerade, Amorphis, Katatonia, Anathema, Arcturus, Bloodbath, Carcass, Death, Cryptopsy, Edge Of Sanity (everything related to Dan Swano actually), Morbid Angel, Night In Gales, Satyricon, Solefald, The Haunted, Devin Townsend, etc.

    This is a small list.
    I could go on and on, but who cares anyway...? ;)

    EDIT: Just a spelling mistake
  23. I heard that the best death metal bands come from Sweden. No other death metal bands from any other countries can match the supremacy of Sweden's finest.
  24. Metallica! Hatebreed! YAY!

  25. *Jedi Mind Trick* You Will Take It back. Metallica is the Best Metal Band In The World.
  26. Jimmy Enslashay

    Staff Emeritus

    lol Silverzone

    Klonie - Sweden produces some great metal bands, and i was thinking them myself. But i asked the question because i dont really have the answer to that because I listen to alot of metal and its hard to keep track of where they are all from. Im from Aussie, so I listen to alot of Aussie metal, and I have to say we produce some great Metal, but the bands here dont have the money to get their name to all Aussie metallers: SUPPORT AUSSIE METAL!!!

    Diabolical - Thank you, I couldnt find any metal thread, so I thought we need one. I strongly agree with ur comment about how alot of bands try to label themselves as metal because its cool. Thats exactly what I think Nu Metal is. Btw, I REALLY like the bands that you posted. Very good taste IMO. and Ive heard NWOSDM being called WOSDM alot lately. Maybe people are realising its not "new" anymore lol.
  27. You are Aussie, huh? You do listen to AC/DC, do you? They are regarded as the best Aussie metal band in the 70's and 80's.
  28. Jimmy Enslashay

    Staff Emeritus

    AC/DC are rock, not metal. But they're regarded as one of the best rock bands ever. They are definately not metal, sorry. That's why they sing "It's a long way to the top if you wanna ROCK 'n' Roll", "For those about to ROCK, we salute you", etc. But still, they're a great band.
  29. Hyperglide

    Canada Ontario, Canada

    OK i'll give ya that but Ministry does have very Metal like songs. NIN does too. But for the most part they ARE Industrial. I just wanted to mention them because they are amazing bands.
  30. Delphic Reason

    Staff Emeritus

    Indeed, In Flames are a very talented group.....

    Here are some others:

    Lamb of God
    Between the buried and me
    Arch Enemy
    Damage Plan
    Superjoint Ritual
    A Perfect Circle
    Devil Driver
    Fear Factory
    Killswitch Engage
    Life of Agony
    Machine Head
    Shadows Fall

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