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  1. bondy_1625


    league: professional
    single/series race: single
    race: spider and roadster cup
    car: Ruf 3400s
    start power: 377hp


    griffith 500
    motorsport elise (illegal)
    elise 190
    s2000 type v
    Ruf 3400s

    placement at start:
    1st - motorsport elise
    2nd - griffith 500
    3rd - elise 190
    4th - s2000 type v
    5th - Ruf 3400s
    6th - Ruf 3400s (me)

    car modifacations:
    full racing suspension
    sports brakes
    brake balance controller
    racing muffler
    port polish
    full engine balance
    triple clutch
    racing flywheel
    full racing transmission
    full LSD
    T2 super hard tyres
    stage 3 lightweight

    the race!
    i started the first lap with enough acceleration to s2000 and 3400s by the first corner and went on to pass the griffith and motorsport eliseon the 4th and 5th corners but it took me until the entrance to the second tunnel to get alongside the elise 190. by the end of the straight it was obvious which car had most power out of the 6 of us because the griffith smackd me up the arse!:irked: he passed me from 3rd place and stayed ahead all the way through lap 2 and on the back straight on lap 2 he was already pulling away from me leaving a 3 second gap between us and on the same lap the motorsport elise managed to scrape a place off of me. it took me until the 4th lap to finally catch up to the ms elise and i was now 6 seconds behind the dominant griffith but i was wearing T2 grade rubber so if he pitted i waould have a major advantage. by th 5th lap i was 7.5 seconds behind the leader and i was constantly battling for 2nd place over the ms elise, he had an advantage over me round the corners as the 3400s is somewhat heavier but i still battered his ass down the straights! though on the 6th lap i kept my lead over him and was now getting used to the car and the track hence the griffiths lead plummeted to 5.8 seconds. by T1 on the 7th lap i was down to 4.1 seconds so i was gaining ground quickly! but between T1 and T2 i lost 3 tenths of a second due to a mishap after the tunnel but by the corner before the last chicane on lap 7 i could see the white griffith but only for a few seconds as he slipped into the pits for new rubber. my tyres were now nicely warm on green/yellow. on the s2000's 7th lap he pitted and left himself at least half a lap behind 4th place. by the back straight on lap 8 i had a 3.5 second lead over the motorsport elise whom i suspected would not pit at all. on lap 9 the 5th place 3400s pitted but stayed ahead of the s2000. by this time i was 4.3 seconds ahead of the illegal ms elise and i extended that to 5.6 by the end of the lap! lap 10 was a piece of piss with yellow tyres and a 6 second lead!

    1st - me (3400s) - 15'28.644
    2nd - ms elise - +0'07.905
    3rd - elise 190 - +0'17.019
    4th - griffith 500 - +0'17.088
    5th - Ruf 3400s - +0'51.233
    6th - s2000 type v - +1'05.413

    overall times:
    1st - me (3400s) - 15'28.644
    2nd - ms elise - 15'36.549
    3rd - elise 190 - 15'45.663
    4th - griffith 500 - 15'45.732
    5th - Ruf 3400s - 16'19.877
    6th - s2000 type v - 16'34.057

    a nice trophy! :lol:

    end power: 378hp :D
    end mileage: 72.5km

    this is my first writeup so if u have queries dont hesitate!
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    Old Geezer

    United States
    GREAT Write-Up bondy_1625 : :tup:
    :D Can't believe it took me so long to notice it!!! (But it did arrive while I was on vacation ["Holiday" to you Brits]). Keep 'em coming PLEASE!!!...UB57
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    cheers UB57 i will do some more later maybe 2moro or when im next on gt3 thanks for the comments:D
  4. ving


    hey, gr8 one! :)

    i did that in a 3400s too.
    all i had was a race flywheel and t2 tires tho... gawd it was a close call, if i remeber correctly :)

    the write up is here somewhere
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    cheers ving ill rpobably do a fiat write up next so keep your eyes peeled!;) :lol:
  6. ving