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Welcome to the Niffty Touge/Tarmac Concourse. The purpose of this thread is to network the Touge and Wangan communities together to aid in presenting them as more noticeable and legitimate niches in motorsport.

What is Touge?
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Touge is Japanese for mountain pass.The seclusion of the mountains provided street racers a venue to showcase their skills away from the officiality of the track. The golden age of this niche can be said to span the 1980s to the end of the 1990s. Drifting in most case was the mainstay discipline, but actual racing increased in popularity as time went on. As of now, the touge culture has gained popularity and expanded far beyond the boarders of Japan.

What is Wangan?
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Wangan simply means "Bayshore", alluding to its location along the Shuto Expressway in Japan. This stretch of highway became a favored route for those who want to get their speed kicks. From this "alternative usage" came a street racing group called the Mid Night Club. Though disbanded at the turn of the century, the group set the precedence for what is speed. To this day, the route serves a test course for those who wish to set the benchmark how how far the
speedometer can go.
Best Motoring/Hot Version Touge Videos
Touge 200

Season 1 [Full Video] Touge Showdown 3
Season 2 [Full Video] Touge Showdown 200 (Season 2)
Season 3 [1|2|3|4|5] Touge Showdown 200 Round 3

Touge 300
Season 1 [Full Video] Touge Showdown 280
Season 2 [1|2|3|4|5] Touge Showdown 300 Round 2
Season 3 [1|2|3|4|5] Touge GP 300

Touge MAX
Season 1 [Full Video] Touge Showdown MAX
Season 2 [1|2|3] Touge Showdown Round 2
Season 3 [1|2|3] Touge MAX Round 3

*Links compiled by TimberW

Active Leagues and Clubs:

  • Hajime Racers-This club satisfies one who wants variety. Take part in kicking that tail out in drift, mastering the slopes of the Touge, and giving all you got on the Wangan.

  • Legend of the Streets For those who wish to make their mark in the Touge scene. Tournaments are held to determine best on the pass. For participants, the competition of the pass provides an exhilarating dogfighting experience.
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