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Discussion in 'Music' started by Event, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Event

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    I've been a casual Pink Floyd fan for almost a year now. I downloaded the discography and listened to their more popular albums, like The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and Wish You Were Here on and off. I would try some of the other albums, but my ADD took hold and before I knew it, the albums were over and it was back to a familiar one.

    That was then, this is now.

    Since Syd Barrett died, I've read up on Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett, listening intently to the early Pink Floyd albums, specifically Piper At the Gates of Dawn and Barrett's solo efforts The Madcap Laughs and Barrett. They are amazing. They're so much different than Dark Side of the Moon and beyond, because they aren't even the same genre. Pink Floyd started out psychadelic, mainly because of Syd. He had a very psychadelic style, which is notable in his solo albums he put out after leaving Pink Floyd.

    The three days after his death was announced I listened to nothing but Pink Floyd. It was a very good (but also bad) decision. I've gotten a better undestanding of Pink Floyd and am now more familiar with their sound from Piper all the way to the Division Bell. I even know the story and evolution of Pink Floyd.

    These three days has also been bad, because the effect it has had on my wallet... I wanted the P*U*L*S*E DVD for a long time now and finally got it when it came out. While I was out and my curiosity was peeked and I stopped at a local record store. I had never owned a Pink Floyd album and decided I should support this amazing band (having listened to it all day, this was the day Syd's death was announced). I could have picked up a 70's Floyd album (A Perfect era, every album was incredible, from Atom Heart Mother to The Wall) but decided to pick up the one album with the heaviest Barrett contribution, the only one he was around for the whole time. Piper at the Gates of Dawn.


    I've listened to it and scrutinized it, and I have grown to love it. It's different, this is my first taste of the psychadelic genre, and it's a good one. I love the whimsical and care-free approach to many of the songs. This is different than later ones, which were primarily written by Waters, which were much darker. Syd's solo albums have the same whimsy as Piper at the Gates of Dawn and to a lesser extent, Saucerful of Secrets. Whimsy in music really makes me happy, which is one reason that The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is tied with Dark Side of the Moon for my favorite album of all time. Dark Side of the Moon has much more subtle whimsy, but it is there, especially in the song Money. The whimsical nature of modern music is severely lacking. Bands tend to whine a lot more and talk about lost girlfriends and lost life. This is a huge reason I've lost faith in modern music and gone backwards to 1980 and earlier. Lack of harmonies is the other. I digress.

    Anyway, this simple album purchase (the third in my lifetime, only preceeded by Stadium Arcadium and Point #1 by Chevelle, both mistakes) has unleashed a passionate demon from within me. I've told myself, I must now own every Pink Floyd album legit, bar most greatest hits albums and some live CDs. The only live CDs I plan on buying are of course Ummagumma and PULSE, more than likely. I don't really need greatest hits, since if I have the albums, I have all the songs as well.

    This was my amazon shopping cart as of today: [​IMG]

    The total came out to be $191. I was close to checking out, but restrained myself. I don't have the money to buy all of these CD's at once, but I will buy them a few at a time, in chronological order. I will scrutinize each CD numerous times until I have a good repoir with the album and expand my balooning Pink Floyd knowledgebase.

    Who are the other Pink Floyd fans here? I know there are some!

    And I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)
  2. a6m5

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    I've been warming up to them, but get this: I've listen to their album, once. :lol: It was "Dark Side Of The Moon", and I thought it was great. I guess they are just not my cup of tea. I think I'd like to get their greatest hits though(didn't they have a double disc?).

    Event, do you ever shop used? It's cheaper, and IMO, it's more fun. It could become a treasure hunt at times though with a band like Pink Floyd. People tend to keep quality CDs, so it might be bit hard to find used ones.
  3. Event

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    If you thought DSOTM was great, why not keep listening to it? It is a perfect album, the best of all time. How could you listen to it only once?

    Shopping used, however, doesn't exactly support the artists. Pink Floyd would see none of my money if I only bought used, and often the CDs and cases aren't in the best of shape. These CD's will be like trophies on my bookshelf, and I would like them to be in top shape.
  4. F1GTR

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    Hehe. You remind me of when I first discovered Led Zeppelin, that sense of excitement when you buy a CD knowing it'll be great. You should also get their movie, The Wall. Their music has lots of layers, sounds and themes going through them, but their sound is still very calming.

    Once you've got all those, be sure to check out bootleg concerts. There are TONS of those!
  5. a6m5

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    Led Zeppelin, there is another band I have respect for, but just does not interest me. I do have their vol. 1 & 2 Greatest Hits though. I will get some sort of collection of Pink Floyd songs eventually. You think the "Dark Side..." is the best album of all-time, good for you. Just different taste, I guess. No biggie.
  6. Event

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    I wasn't forcing my opinion onto you. But you said you thought DSOTM was great, but why not listen to it more? I normally listen to albums more than once if I like them. :idea:

    I really enjoy Led Zeppelin as well, and might get Zeppelin I-IV someday after my Pink Floyd collection is complete.
  7. a6m5

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    I don't know. No logical explanation, really. There are many movies and music that I think are great, but I just don't get into them. I used to listen to Classic Rock station when I was a kid, so I heard a lot of Pink Floyd greats, but just didn't have the same effect as some other stuff did.

    P.S. There is a double disc Greatest Hits CD, right?
  8. Event

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    Yeah, I think Echoes is a double album.
  9. Solid Lifters

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    That's the last CD I ever bought. I'm only into mp3s at the moment.

    Great album. It's definitely one you should purchase right now since you don't own many Pink Floyd CDs.
  10. Great opening post, Event! *Clicks red tick*.

    Dark Side of the Moon is probably my favourite album of all time too, definitely top 3. The first time I heard it I was just blown away, and every time you listen to it after that it just gets deeper and deeper. The opening is brilliant with the heartbeat and then the hints to songs on the album (cash register, mad laughing, screaming, etc).

    Breathe is a brilliant laid-back opening song, very soothing. On The Run is a clever instumental, Time is mindblowing, especially the solo and choruses. Great Gig in the Sky is probably my favourite of the songs with no real lyrics, the piano and bass at the start is amazing, and I believe the 'singing' is actually improvised, which is phonomenal considering how perfect it sounds. Certainly my all-time top woman-screaming-over-a-piano-to-represent-death song. In fact the only one I've ever heard. :)

    Money, very catchy and a bit satirical, changes key midway through I believe which you don't hear too often. Us and Them is a very poignant anti-war song with some great lyrics. The saxophone works nicely as well, as does the pipe-organ sound. One of my favourites without doubt. Any Colour You Like is a great little instrumental, very psychedelic and rousing. Always really reminds of the album's cover for some reason.

    Brain Damage and Eclipse work together as the greatest finale of any album, ever. And I don't have to listen to every album to know that, it's a scientific fact, I've just decided. Brain Damage is touching as something of a tribute to Syd Barrett's mental illness (I assume the lyrics "See you on the Dark Side of Moon" refer to him and grew in poignancy the last few days). The transition into Eclipse with the drums and that recurrent high note is fantastic. The song then sums up the album, and life itself, and has a great sound to it. One of my favourite parts of the entire album ensues after the song when the heartbeat re-appears and circles around to the start of the album, and the Abbey Road doorman (I think) proclaiming "There is no Dark Side of the Moon really...matter of fact it's all dark." I like that. So there's my review of Dark Side of the Moon.

    I've listened to the album so many times, and oddly enough, it's the only Pink Floyd album I've listened to. I think that's because it's virtually the perfect album, and I wouldn't want to alter my perception of the band by listening to another album which isn't as good. Plus I'm usually a bit short on funds. :)
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  11. Pink_the_Floyd


    This thread should be named "The Pink Floyd Fan Club" or something, was planning on making one myself, just love 'em.

    Especially when seeing them at Live 8, that was amazing, they're old but they still have it :tup:
  12. Good to see someone else owrking on acquiring their discography :tup:

    My dream has always been to see them live but with the band where they've been for the past decade or so, it's unlikely to happen. I've managed to catch David Gilmour & Richard Wright at their last tour and came out in utter disbelief - I just didn't think those two old guys still had it in them to play with that kind of passion and skill. I also managed to score tickets for Roger Waters in september - I got lucky there with a sweet 14th row view in what is arguably one of the worst (acoustically) venues in my town. It'll still be worth it.
  13. Event

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    Hmmm, you better sleep with one eye open from now until the concert. I would do anything to see Roger Waters play in Chicago, but I highly doubt I will be able to, seeing it is during school and a 3 hour drive each way. Plus the tickets are probably a killing. Roger Waters is also my least favorite Floyd member. He just seems like a selfish jerk who wants more money. I'm glad no lawsuits were filed after he left after The Final Cut. That would be very dissapointing.

    I've seen the David Gilmour in Concert DVD and it is pretty good. I ripped the audio and made my own custom CD. It turned out pretty well.

    Sadly, David Gilmour said in 2005 that him, Wright, and Mason more than likely won't tour again, sadly. If they did, however, I would pay at least $100 for tickets to see it. The PULSE DVD was fantastic, and I would love to see it happen live.

    Excellent review, I approve of this post. :tup:

    Brain Damage Eclipse is really the greatest 2 song duo in history, I can't think of anything that comes even remotely close.

    And you really should check out the other 2 albums that have earned them the most fame, Wish You Were Here (1975) and The Wall (1979). They are much more like DSOTM than some other albums and shouldn't fog your respect for Pink Floyd, it can only sharpen it. :tup: Check out Animals (1977) if you like those 2 as well.
    I think The Pink Floyd Sound Discussion Thread has a better ring to it, but this can kind of also be a fan club. :tup: Go ahead and put it in your sig if you'd like. I'm gonna do the same.
  14. Agreed - he's playing at a frickin basketball/hockey arena - not exactly a venue known for acoustic properties. All while Gilmour's tour had him in concert halls with capacities of no greater than about 2000 - perfect acoustics though. Other than that, the best seats in the house for Waters were like $160 canadian with mine around $110

    Good dvd but his last tour was nothing like his current one. His solo set was similar to the dvd but the 2nd half of the show was pure Pink Floyd material from beginning to end, all performed with the typical PF lighting and flair :tup:
  15. I think I'll do that. :tup:

    I have a friend who is much into the band than I am so I'm sure he'll let me listen to his CD's. I'll buy them for myself afterwards if I like them.

    By the way, I put a link in my sig because this thread deserves traffic! The yellow text is barely legible but I was going for the Dark Side of the Moon spectrum look!
  16. ceiling_fan

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    I love Pink Floyd. My favorite album by them is Animals, especially the song "Dogs." That song is just the essence of Pink Floyd for me. Of course, Dark Side of the Moon is a masterpiece. Have you seen the movie, The Wall? It is quite interesting.
  17. Event

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    Yes I have. It is a very strange movie indeed. It's so different from everything else.

    It seems a lot of albums back then were either made for a movie or a movie was made from them. Floyd's More was a soundtrack for a movie, and the Beatles had several albums turned into movies or vice versa. I guess this was before the day of music videos so they made music movies.
  18. Event, I'm somewhat new to Pink Floyd myself, having only begun listening in October. I was listening to "Dark Side of the Moon", taking it all in, and absolutely loving it. My dad later bought me "Relics" off of iTunes, which is a fantastic example of the early music with Syd (I strongly reccomend this album to you). A few months ago, I finally purchased "Animals" and "Wish You Were Here" (along with The Beatles' "Rubber Soul"), and I loved them. I especially liked the Shine On You Crazy Diamond tracks, and "Animals" as a whole. I'm now absolutely itching to add "The Wall" to my musical library, but, of course, it's not very cheap to buy. However, as soon as I have enough money, I will not hesitate to but the double album.

    The result of it all? Pink Floyd is likely one of two of my favorite bands, along with The Who. I love how Pink Floyd can make you feel emotions that no other music will cause. I also love the meaning and emotion felt while listening to David Gilmour's profound riffs. As my dad put it, "Never have I heard a guitarist who could tell a story with his hands".

    Long live Pink Floyd!
  19. slackbladder


    I've been listening to them for 27 years, since 1979 and The Wall. I remember playing the entire double album at the school Christmas Party (the album was released in November '79) when I was 9 years old! I learnt to play guitar because of Gilmour and started writing songs because of Waters.

    I've been fortunate enough to see Floyd in concert 3 times and Waters in concert 3 times. My older sister actually saw "The Wall" in London in 1980!

    Anyway, who here has an SACD player? Well, get one and get "Dark Side of the Moon" on SACD. 5.1 mix and sounds fantastic. Some say the original quadrophonic mix by Alan Parsons (back in '74) is better but who'll ever get the chance to hear that? The SACD is definately worth getting. Most DVD players have SACD now. Mine only cost £120!
    Rumours persist that other Floyd albums will be mixed on SACD in the future.
  20. I just bought Dark side of the moon a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. Since I loved that one so Much I am going to go buy Wish you were here today and a hamburger! Hopefully I will enjoy wish you here just as much. hopefully the hamburger wont dissapoint either!
  21. Alex.

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    all i can say is my dad bought nick mason a pint and has his autograph! never heard any pink floyd though
  22. More than the Stones do anyway. :lol:
  23. What about "Delicate Sounds Of Thunder"? That is an awsome album too. If you like Pink Floyd, check out some "Alan Parsons Project" music. I think you might like it. Thanks for letting me ramble, Steve
  24. slackbladder


    Parsons recent album, "A Valid Path", features Gilmour playing guitar on the opening (and best) track. It's been released on Dual Disc too so there's a stereo CD side and a 5.1 DD mix on the other. The albums a bit hit and miss but "Return to Tunguska" (which features Gilmour) is a good track.
  25. slackbladder


    Bump (as they say).

    For anyone interested there's a new book out charting the development, recording and performance of The Wall. It can only be found here.
  26. Touring Mars

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    I just bought 'Live In Pompeii - The Director's Cut' and have written a review of the DVD in a6m5's DVD Review and Discussion thread here...

    In terms of the Pink Floyd Sound, this film is essential - I can't believe I didn't buy it sooner :dunce: :crazy:
  27. Pink_the_Floyd


    As for me, I discovered some new tracks at

    More specifically, Marooned, what a beautiful sound throughout the whole sound :tup:
  28. magburner

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    I'm not a big fan of 'regular' music, as I'm strictly, Dance, trance, DnB, and breaks, but Pink Floyd is a band I will listen to time and time again. TTheir sound is awesome, some very experimental, some very progressive, all of it fantastic! You can listen to a song, and think you've heard it, then listen it again, and you hear something new. I'm more inclined to listen to their earlier albums pre-post DSOTM stuff like Meddle or Wish You were Here, but i do like some of their later work like the Final Cut and The Wall. I kinda went off them after Roger Waters left them (aka Division Bell onwards), but I still listen to their albums regularly.

    I've had a quick scan through this thread, but I haven't seen anyone mention 'The Wall' film. Has anyone seen it? What do you think of it? I think its awesome, but I do feel its one for the stoners out there, as it is 'out there' in places. What a great movie, if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. :tup:

    If i had to choose an ultimatel favourite track, it woud have to be the 'whole-of-the-B-side' Echoes (I had an orginal copy on tape until my daughters destroyed it!) I remember the first time I heard it, It was and still is like nothing else I have ever heard. Its a super track, and it showcases Pink Floyds progressive rock style perfecty (as does Wish you were here). :tup:
  29. Touring Mars

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    Nice one, emad :tup: I've long been skeptical of Roger Waters, and I love the bit about the 'creative genius of Pink Floyd' (even if you do say so yourself, Roger!) Still, if 'The Wall' wasn't enough to give us an idea of how big his ego is, then I don't know what is!!

    Last week, I got David Gilmour's new album, brand new and shrink-wrapped from a charity shop for just £1 - it's actually pretty good... not exactly going to blow you away, but a worthy effort nonetheless...

    My friend SG has also lent me an album by Roger Waters and Ron Geesin (who can only be described as a bona fide nutter), the album is their soundtrack to the film 'Music From The Body', but although it's quite mad in places, some of it is superb, especially Waters' "Give Birth To A Smile" and Geesin's "A Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life"...(only 72 seconds long, but superb)

    Anyway, great to be able to say you saw Roger Waters, whether it was a great gig or not, it certainly sounded like a great experience :tup:
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