The Real Racing Series. Please read.

  • Thread starter Vermeulen
I'm sorry for stealing an idea of a compatriot that has already put his idea into place, but I was also considering doing a Championship Series with all racing bikes...

Instead of nude ones, we would use the best bikes the game has to offer.

I'm at interest point as of now to see who would be willing to do it.. Please respond if you're serious and would like to see the challenge. I'm an honest person and I'm hoping we would have to skip the replay proof that is needed for fastest laps. I'm quite comfortable with trusting all of all the racers here.

I'm thinking like a real World Superbike Championship type status. 12 rounds, 2 races per round. I would choose all the real tracks with only the 1000 RM being allowable to race meaning no Suzuka 8 hour bikes because that would give disadvantage to anybody using a 1000 RM.

Please respond within the next 2 weeks if you're interested. I'm eager to start the series as I already have myself and my brother in it... If I see good activity within the next couple of days I'll start posting all the info... Keep posting everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!